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Kemal Gelchu : “I used to think that OLF is Oromo People’s Party”

July 28, 2020

General Kemal Gelchu led a contingent of army deserting the Ethiopian defense force to join Oromo Liberation Front which was based in Eritrea back then.

In an interview with Andafta media, he reveals what he has observed within the organization. “I used to think that OLF is Oromo People’s Party, a party that works for Oromo people 24 hours a day,” he said.

What I have found out is that it is a collection of different forces.  He added, “There are those who want to struggle. There are those who see the organization as a means of livelihood. There are those who work for other forces. And there are those who are clueless about the struggle.”

He relates the “clueless” members of the organization with most Oromos who are blindly supporting the organization.

Watch the featured interview below (in Amharic)

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  1. Abiy ahmed
    Qerroo gave you the power that you have today through peaceful protests and constant struggle , how can you call yourself a leader or even a human when you’re continuing on with the root of evil in Ethiopia.

    Oromo outing other oromos for their pwn ego. Pathetic

  2. Indeed, many are clueless in what exactly it is liberating (Wellega?)
    But that does not mean Oromo people don’t deserve a legitimate, peaceful, and inclusive organization to represent them. Until then, they will have no choice but to support it.

  3. Subject: “Kemal Gelchu : “I used to think that OLF is Oromo People’s Party,” borkena
    July 28, 2020

    Humble Commentary, 29 July 2020
    ””It happens to ALL.
    Our World will NEVER be empty of charlatans, regardless of race, shade, etc. Humanity will always be victim of sleeks, robbers by day light, with ambition to rule their surroundings — even the entire GLOBE!!! And FOOLS like me — regardless of their ranks and doctor of philosophy papers — will always be cheated by charlatans.

    So, the effort of normal human beings is to hope that they don’t linger for a long period of time. And Nature, comes out to see us. Dictators’ longevity of their stay is mathematically inversely proportional to their ambition and cruelty. I believe — i.e. having no other avenue — that there is mysterious hidden force that controls the balance of Nature. .

    And so, ብ/ር ጄኔራል ከማል ገልቹ, don’t feel too bad that you were cheated. At least, you have your LIFE to be able to narrate your story. Good Luck in your remaining longevity. THE END

  4. The mighty Egyptian army will soon defeat the Abyssinian trembling with fear army and settle the whole. I can see a proclamation of at least 2 brand new republics by el-Sisi on the first day of his triumph.

    1) The Republic of Wallegia Sheik Dawud ibn Al-abd-ibn-Al-Janubi as its first Al-Raees
    2) The Peoples Republic of Mekelia Field Marshal Debre ibn-Al-Abd-ibn-Al-Shamalia as its first chairman. Don’t you ever call him a president but only chairman. Ok everyone!!! Stand up bow down, way down for these two el-Sisi’s ‘abds’. And this is an order by the deputy of the colored!!!!

    Sorry my friend Afars, Somalis and Sidamas!!! You have to wait another years at earliest before el-Sisi gives you your own republics. First you have to get the approval signatures of the 2 ‘abds’ above. And shame on you for not producing someone fit to be the lap dog for el-Sisi. Kibble n bits!!! Kibble n bits!!!! O you Amharas, does el-Sisi have a plan for you and all those who collaborated with you!!! He called his plan ‘The Final Solution’. What is it? I don’t know. That was what he told me when I was in his Al-Qahirah to pan handle some bread crumbs for my ‘liberation front’ thing. Don’t yell at me! Ask him. Don’t kill the messenger here.

  5. I was wondering if Obbo Kemal knew ad talked about violent purges the leaders of this outfit carried out on ‘dissidents’ within. In one of such purges close to 130 members were rounded up from different areas and summarily executed in the outback of Eritrea. There were members of my own Itu clan to have been among them. The way they collected those victims was so hideous that it was from the manuals of other murderous dictators. Some of those ‘dissidents’ were lured to the remote camps in Eritrea under the disguise of promotions and further training. He should have known or at least heard about it. These are conniving thugs who enriched themselves in the name of my proud Oromos. It shows what they would do their own citizens if their dream of carving a territory was/is realized. That is why I have been against using violence to ‘liberate’ people. I have been asking my readers and listeners for more than 3 decades to show me just one armed group that was successful in ‘liberating’ people from their own country that turned out to be democratic. Just one!!! It ain’t out there because it is not in their thought process and the only modality they have known is no question asked discipline. That shuts off their way of looking at the democratic principles hinging on the rights of the individual. The only way they know is set the rules and you must follow it. They have to conduct the affairs of their organization/front in such a way in order to survive and maintain their fighting capability during the trying days in the bushes. They know everything for you and that is it. Once they achieved their objectives and become a governing body, the heavy-handedness, the sole ownership of political power and economy will continue laced with grafts and runaway corruption. One word out of you complaining about it, you wouldn’t know what has just hit you. Poof, you’re gone!!!! I am not telling you a story. All you have to do is look around. So name one for me and prove me wrong. I thought the Sandinistas were there to prove me wrong until credible reports of disappearing dissidents started coming out of there in the early 1980’s. Again, name one for me.
    BTW, this man is lucky to be alive with such attitude towards these thugs.


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