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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission task force investigating killings, destruction of property

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has formed task force to investigate the massacre and killings in Oromo region of Ethiopia. It says the prison conditions for those arrested in connection with the development has improved.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

July 24, 2020

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has issued a statement regarding its follow up on prison conditions.

It said the recommended actions, to improve the prison condition for those detained in connection with what the government calls “unrest” following the killing of Hachalu Hundessa, are implemented.

According to a report by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), which cited a statement from the human rights commission, the security problem, killings, and destruction of property in the Oromo region and Addis Ababa following the assassination of the singer are being investigated.

The Commission said that it has established a task force of experts with the objective to investigate and record the nature of rights violations based on investigative techniques on rights violations and supportive evidence.

Based on preliminary investigations, 15 areas in the Oromo region where there was extensive damage are selected for a special investigation.

The commission is also gathering information from 40 other places, including Addis Ababa, where the violation of the rights was not severe compared to the 15 selected areas.

The result of the investigation is anticipated to establish details of the violation including nature and intents of it.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission aims to ensure that those who committed the violation of the rights are held accountable and that the victims are supported in their effort to return to normal life.

Citizens with information about the violation in the region are encouraged to continue to inform the commission.

Law enforcement authorities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia have confirmed that well over one thousand houses were blazed in the region in a span of a few days. Schools and health centers are destroyed. Over 24 hotels and restaurants are destroyed, among other damages.  

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