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Ethiopia : Letter to Nobel Committee

July 23, 2020

The World-Wide Ethiopian Civic Association Network (WE-CAN), an umbrella organization of 57 Ethiopian Civic Society Organizations from around the world, wrote a letter to the Nobel Committee in response to a campaign to revoke Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Prize.

The letter is available HERE

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  1. As a FREE individual, I wish to express my admiration for your undertaking to protect ETHIOPIA — an Ancient Independent Exemplary African Country, with EXTRAORDINARY RICH HISTORY — from DISINTEGRATION by ANARCHISTS. What is facing Ethiopia today is NOT DEVELOPMENT of DEMOCRACY but hidden ambitious dangerous ruthless individuals for their own private glory and richness >>> AT ANY COST.
    GOOD LUCK, in your effort to SAVE ETHIOPIA from DANGEROUS CLIFF. .

  2. Count me in on this message to the Nobel Prize Committee.

    Now get a load of this. I just got the wind of this. The race to replace the arrested ‘leader’ of my Oromos has begun in earnest. The competition is said to be fierce especially between one punk rocker with a panhandled Phd and another one with similar donated PhD. The punk rocker is said to be once a ‘moderate’ fiefdom dreamer but has gone rogue on himself by coming to a conclusion that ‘peaceful coexistence’ with the ‘N; people has been tried for exactly one hundred years and failed. A new ‘republic’ is the only solution even if it takes the mother of violence. He has been pushing that from a comfy home just a stone throw away from Robert E. Lee’s hometown munching on those scrumptious missionary cakes after swallowing the whole chicken skin and feathers on. The latest ‘Gallup’ poll shows he is in the lead by a thin margin. I was told that he had a ‘neehna-aqwaneen’ talk with Comrade Sebhat Ilyich Ulyanov Nega and his red cubs before heading to his missionary canteen. You know what I mean? So folks, sit back and watch!!! It is going to be a box office record shattering epic movie!!!!

  3. All the other citizens living in the US and Europe must think Ethiopians have nothing to do but go out protesting every single time some political event happens back home. This includes all Ethiopians irrespective of ethnicity.

    You don’t see other people who came from absolute dictatorships out on the streets protesting everyday (N Korea, Eritrea, etc). They have better things to do. What a name you all have made for yourselves.

  4. Great action. Well done and thank you.

    The Nobel Committee is not an organisation that can be fooled by these extremist smart-alecks.

    The Committee have done their homework in nominating and awarding the Prize to Abiy, as they always do as a matter of fact.

    They will only be bemused by the misguided and lunatic groups that had the audacity to put forward such a request.

  5. The paparazzis and hecklers who ask trick questions inorder put words in PM Abiy Ahmed’s mouth are said to be the main reason why PM Abiy Ahmed declined to hold a press conference with national or international journalists, it is customary for Nobel Prize winner to hold a press conference at the nobel prize awarding ceremony but PM Abiy Ahmed declined to give a press conference when he was awarded the Nobel prize .

    It is being said PM Abiy Ahmed has not held a press conference in so long , it is high time PM Abiy holds a press conference ,PM Abiy Ahmed shouldn’t let these masquerade go on with the hecklers , paparazzis or journalists speaking on his behalf without his approval making PM Abiy Ahmed as stupid as they are.

  6. Another letter from one sided ideology. Abiy can keep his nobel peace prize no problem with that.

    It will be interesting to see who are the individuals on this so called “ethiopian” committee. I wonder if the commitee is inclusive of people from all sector of the country or is it one of those ethiopia= Amhara.

    All we are asking is for everyone to be treated equally and to share thr fruit of the country.

    We want free and fair election.

  7. Whatever it is costly, sponsored extremists and position only seekers never win peace loving Ethiopians. I am sure his excellency Dr. Abiy Ahmad, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, never worry about the novel prize, in case there is unfair decision, rather than making history that benefits all citizens of the country. He is inborn and wise leader. We have all resources, and the country is going to be prosperous country with Dr. Abiy Ahmad and his honest colleagues compounded with other peace loving competing parties .

    Why the sponsors of extremists work against Ethiopian prosperity?! Why Africa continent is needed to be hub of crises or war?! Don’t Africans deserve for prosperity!?
    Why the world couldn’t worry about Libya, Yemen or other country babies and crises?! Who did ignite chaos in these countries?! Why?!

  8. The World-Wide Ethiopian (AMHARA) Civic Association Network (WE-CAN)

    The above named Association is an ethnically based umbrella for all the other smaller organizations. Some of the organization below is truly Laughable with no website or clear organization protocol.
    Please separate Ethiopianism and Amharasim.

    Its okay to advocate for you ethnicity but it is wrong to use ethiopia to enhance your ideology.

    1. Ethiopian Advocacy Network

    2. Ethiopian-American Civic Council

    Based in Aurora Colorado founded by a gentleman called Girum Alemayehu an entirely Amhara elite organization with a name of Ethiopia.

    3. Ethiopian International Professional Support for Abbay

    Created by elite Ethiopian ( Amhara) group for the advocacy of Abbay and one of their protocol is to remain non-partisan nature While EIPSA welcomes members despite their political affiliation, it remains politically neutral; shall be promoting no political interests whatsoever; and its platform would not be used for entertaining partisan agenda; ( now they are advocating for nobel peace prize)

    4. Ethiopian Waters Advocacy Council
    Irrelevant organization ( stick to water advocacy)

    5. Ethiopiawinnett: Council for the Defense of Citizens Rights

    Based in Michigan Illinois founded by another Amhara elite group ( check their website). It is not an inclusive organization, why is it called ethiopiawinnett.

    6. Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago, Inc.
    Chicago based AMHARA aka ethiopian community association
    Looking at the list below where is diversity to be entitled ethiopians

    – President – Dibora Berhanu
    – Director – Lily Tesfaye
    – Public Relations Chair – Selot Zewdie
    – Marketing Director – Mulugeta Woldgeorgis
    – Vice President – Embibel (Getu) Gebre
    – Treasurer – Daniel Denekew
    Coordinator – Tsega Gebeyehu

    7. Ethiopian Community and Cultural Center of Bay Area

    8. Ethiopian Community Center of Las Vegas, Nevada
    9. Ethiopian Professional Association in Southern Africa
    10. GERD Support Group in Arizona
    11. GERD Support Group of Los Angeles
    12. GERD Support Group in Oregon and South-Western Washington
    13. Forum 65 (

    14. Network of Ethiopian Scholars
    Organization does not exist ( i stand corrected)
    15. Vision Ethiopia

    We want organization which is inclusive of ALL Ethiopians






  9. EPRP and cohort Old Groupies at it gain….

    In late 1990s and early 2000, Old Groupies aka as EPRP, Meison, etc used to gather frequently in mainly Washington DC to set up front against TPLF/EPRDF. The objective was noble but each member had its own hidden agenda of ascending to power for constituents and groups. The attempt failed miserably. Here was what happened….

    The lead organizer was what remained of EPRP. If I remember correctly, the number of purported members of the “United Ethiopian Democratic Forces or UEDF” was nearly 20 but in reality each was creations of the EPRP itself with membership as low as one individual. In that way, the EPRP intended to appear to be democratic in whatever acts were done in the name of the group, including voting and fund raising. The group tried to co-opt home based ‘opposition parties’ in the likes of ones purportedly headed by Merera Gudina, Beyene Petros, Lidetu Ayalew, and the late Hailu Shawel. The Ethiopia based parties were meant as carrots for fund raising purposes, not for cooperation in the dreamed post-victory governance. Typical Old Groupies style…The group failed miserably and faded from memory.

    What remain of the aged “Old Groupies” and their recruit trainees are the ones continuing to create havoc in Ethiopia today. The experienced one among them, who grew up dreaming of one day extricating themselves from poverty by ascending to power and slaughtering their comrade competitors for power and wealth, are today leading the pack from behind. The very few senior citizens and juniors among them have collected semblances of academic credentials by outright purchases and/or from little known colleges in soft subjects such as political science (as if it is science), sociology and the like, for the pretense of being learned and deserving of followers. Professionals expertise of any kind, particularly in how to eradicate poverty among the largely rural population and transform the Ethiopian economy in general, is irrelevant for them since they have can not demonstrate their expertise. Slogans like “the Oromo Question, Freedom of Expression, Democracy” without explanation are what they hope their followers blindly would follow to help them capturing their “Minilik Palace” and entitle them to outright raid/theft of what other hard working citizens and businesses have built by their blood and sweat, which is their singular goal. The masses of poor, be Oromos or others, are never among their priority goals. .

  10. My comments earlier on the subject are directed at the purported “Oromo Lawyers Association’, not on the Ethiopian Civic Association.

    Please note!


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