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Amhara region says it has arrested 85 intruding “forces of destruction”

Amhara regional state head, Temesgen Tiruneh, linked the suspects to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)

July 23, 2020

The Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia said on Thursday that it has arrested 85 “forces of destruction,” as it called them.

Head of the regional state, Temesgen Tiruneh, said the arrested people were deployed in the North Gonder zone of the region with a mission to carry out terrorist activities by targeting infrastructures.

He also said that they intended to destabilize the region with the aim to make the region “a conflict zone.”

It was during the inauguration of infrastructure projects in the North Gonder zone that Temesgen Tiruneh disclosed the arrest of what he called “forces of destruction.”

“These anti-peace forces,” he said, “entered the region intruded to different areas of the region disguising as monks and mentally unstable persons.”  And they were arrested, with tips from the local community members, before they carried out their mission, he added.

The region’s government claims that the plan was to assassinate prominent figures including political leaders, to destroy religious institutions and historical heritage sites.

Apart from that, regional authorities implicate TPLF in a conspiracy to bring about conflict between Amhara and Tigray people.

It is unclear if security authorities seized firearms from those arrested on alleged grounds of conspiring to bring about instability in the region.

Who are the “forces of destruction”?

Temesgen Tiruneh pointed the finger at “those who lost power because of the reform movement -TPLF group.”

They are working day and night to return to power, he said and called on people to foil what he called “their evil conspiracy.”

He also made a reference to the killing of Hachalu Hundessa in Addis Ababa which he portrayed as a conspiracy by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to trigger inter-ethnic violence between Amhara and Oromo. But it failed, he said. The Oromo regional state and the Federal government hold a similar view in relation to the killing of the singer.

Temesgen Tiruneh called upon the Federal government to replicate its law enforcement actions in other areas too without naming names. Implicit in his remark seems to be a law enforcement action in the Tigray region of Ethiopia where people in ethnic Amhara people in Wolkait and Raya areas complain about recurring ruthless attacks from security forces in the region.

At this writing, TPLF did not remark on the arrest of 85 people with alleged links to the organization.

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  1. “የአማራ ክልል መሬቶች ጉዳይ እልባት ሳያገኝ ህወሓት ምርጫ ማካሄድ አይችልም!!!!!”
    የወልቃይት አማራ ማንነት አስመላሽ ኮሚቴና አብን

    • አስመላሽት

      Both the federal border demarcation officials and The Amara regional officials such as Abiy Ahmed , Mulatu Teshome and Temesgen Tiruneh know very well Wolqait , Raya is in Tigrai wRas Dashen mountain is in Amara region. Tigrai lost Ras Dashen because we agreed to give it to Amara foolishly the Addis Ababa aristocrat Della settlers convinced us with their convincing hipnotising charming ways of talks. Tigrai did not steal Wolqait . All we TPLF looted was Sid money sent from USA because the aristocrat arada Addis Ababa people thought us life of luxury . TPLF looted to blend in the loop for of luxury as Addis Ababa people do. The Addis Ababa did not challenge our looting but instead they encouraged TPLF to loot.

      Unchallenging looting is same as looting.

      , when we formed TPLF it was for Ethiopia , the Addis Ababa Aradas dellalas got us to change our course and enter looting.
      Unchallenging looting is looting. Those who were in a position to challenge looting but chose to not challenge looting had their mouth full with kitfo and whisky with their hands busy counting hundred birr bills, when it comes to looting TPLF is innocent just started little kitfo whisky to blend in with the Addis Ababa luxury lifestyle with the Aristocrat settlers .

      • Ras Dashen was historically part of Semien Province. Not Tigrai, not Amhara. They were mostly people of Bete Israel who spoke both languages. Same status with Raya. They are neither Amhara nor Tigrai. Their identity is a mix of both + Oromo.
        Please stop with your narratives of which language group owns which land.


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