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Ethiopian Airlines plane caught fire at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Ethiopian Airline confirmed that Brazil bound Ethiopian airlines cargo plane caught fire at Shanghai airport in China

July 22, 2020 

As Ethiopia is celebrating the completion of the first phase of filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Chinese social media sources are reporting that an Ethiopian Airlines cargo plane caught fire on Wednesday at Shanghai Pudong Airport in China.

Ethiopian Airlines has confirmed the news. The B777 freighter aircraft scheduled to fly to Sao Paulo via Addis Ababa.  Ground staff and crew members are reported safe.

According to a statement from Ethiopian  Airlines, the plane with the registration number ET-ARH caught fire when it was loading cargo. 

Social Media sources from china have reported that the airport fire department arrived on the scene and managed to put out the fire.

What caused the fire is not established at this writing. “Ethiopian has collaborated with all concerned authorities and contained the fire. The cause of the incident is under investigation by the appropriate authorities,” said Ethiopian Airlines. 

Ethiopian Airlines has been delivering COVID 19 related medical supplies to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America for several months now. As well, it had carried out evacuation flights from Africa.

At a time when the aviation industry was affected by COVID 19, the management of Ethiopian Airlines relied on the cargo service as a pillar for survival strategy by converting dozens of passenger’s plane into freighters. The result was that the airline managed to pay for its expenses without a subsidy from the government.  It was achieved without laying off employees.

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  1. Suspicious….something ripped through ceiling of the aircraft both at front and back. If fire started accidentally at one point, say at the back, it could have traveled from there to other parts of the plane continuously and not at multiple locations concurrently. But that did not seem from the picture.

    Possible causes: (a) planted explosives but I hope not, or (b) explosive devices, such as ammunition, being exported from China to wherever.

  2. The cause of the fire could be one of those faulty lithium batteries bootlegged by the commie thieves over there. These days their stealing spree is on rampage.
    In any case, this pride of all of us, EAL, has the ingenuity to recover quickly from this loss and come out of it even stronger. You can take that to the bank.

  3. I suspect the notorious Ziway Shashamane Oromo/Tigre genociders arsonists are behind these attack.

    Those ” Nefxenyas ” in China should be extra vigilant because this is a sign that the Amara genociders are in China too.

    Anything Hailesselasie founded is being destroyed by those Amara haters to change the history of Emperor Hailesselasie . Even the statute of Hailesselasie’s father which was in Harrar recently got destroyed by the Aderes HARRARIS who are scared of the Promo/Tiger genociders.

  4. Chinese spies had been using Ethiopian Airlines as a cover for their supporters international theft / espionage activities, same as they use Ethiopia’s satellite to cover up the Chinese espionage activities.
    Recently the Chinese consulate in Houston , Texas USA was accused of being ‘spy center’ forced by USA’s government to close within 72 hours.

    USA orders China to close Houston consulate amid swirling accusations of espionage, theft.



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