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What Berhanemeskel Abebe said about Jawar’s movement,ethnic radicalism

July 21, 2020

Berhanemeskel Abebe Segni served as a Consulate General of Ethiopia in Los Angeles, California, after Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister.

In an interview with Arts TV, about a year or so ago, he said that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government must be strict about enforcing the rule of law. He even went to the extent of calling for the arrest of those who are claiming that there are “two governments in Ethiopia.”

He did not name names back then. But it was clear that he made a reference to Jawar Mohammed who is currently arrested in connection with the massacre of innocent civilians following the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa.

Back then, he also talked at length about the dangers of ethnic hate crimes and the role of sharpened ethnic politics to sustain it.

In the video of an interview shared below, Berhanemeskel talks about how the 27 years of TPLF nurtured and inculcated polarized ethnic politics as a means to maintain a hold in power, and condemned that citizens face a threat from radical ethnic nationalists in different parts of the country.  In January 2019, he wrote on his social media page saying “there is no such organization as Oromo Liberation Front.

When the news of Hachalu Hundessa assassination broke out, it did not take even an hour for Berhanemeskel Abebe, who lost his position as the Ethiopian Consulate General for reason that is said to be related to his citizenship status, to conclude that “neftegna” ( a word for ethnic Amhara) killed the singer.

Since then he has been inciting, on social media, what looks like ethnic cleansing political agenda under the cover of a struggle for the rights of the Oromo. In the days following the killing of Hachalu, more than 240 innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the singer’s assassination have been violently massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

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  1. Borkena more than any other media out is well known for spreading racial tention and incitement to hatred against ethnic groups particularly oromo and people of tigrai.

    Your ideology of one language, one religion and one nation will fail. It will take time but the owners of this media can sit comfortable in their homes in canada and us and incite others with their vulgar ideology. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY LAW.

    • Whenever an Amhara talks about forming a strong united country, it is always mislabeled as one-language-one-religion motive. A united country can still be democratic, and with equal rights for all ethnic groups.

      Unless the country is strong, it will be a playground for enemies. Only a strong Ethiopia can keep its reputation of a forever independent black nation.

  2. I have been saying this for more than two decades now. I had come to a conclusion that the national question was amicably answered after 1995. I know how it was before that. That child of my Itu clan does not have to go thru the shock of his life on his first day at school like I did because the medium he only knows has stopped its existence. His mother tongue is kapow! gone and replaced with something he has no clues about. The days when a member of my Itu clan has a case he/she wants to be decided in a court of law but has to find someone at a great cost to have it inscribed in the language of the court he/she does not even understand a single word used to be the norm. The administration of his/her small town is now manned by those who conduct the business of the government in his/her mother tongue. The airwaves in the radio and television including the newspapers are teeming in the language he uttered his first word with. So the national question has been thoroughly fulfilled. But does that mean everything else is dandy. Absolutely not. Since the national question was solved in 1995, now the commonality of the issues has taken over the entire country. The human and democratic rights eluding that member of my Itu clan is exactly the same as the ones that Amhara, Afar, Somali, Sidama, Tigray and all other ethnic groups have been denied. Don’t you ever try to tell me that those Amharas’ need is black milk from a white cow and what that member of my Itu clan’s need is green milk from a black cow instead. That is what these personal fiefdom daydreamers, these smart aleck connivers have been trying to tell us since then. Anyone of you would dare or have the audacity to tell me the rights of the individual that Amhara peasant or urban dweller has been denied are totally different from those of the Oromos, Afars, Somalis and others? Are you trying to tell me that every Oromo, Tigray and Amhara is walking around filthy rich when others are having trouble feeding their families more than once every day? If you are, then you are nothing but a typical secession-mongering bigot!!! So take it somewhere else.

  3. I am sure most of you who had the chance to read my comments on this and other websites should have noticed my use of the term ‘connivers’ to describe those who are hell bent to wedge irreparable division between the two pillars of that gem of the colored which found ways to cement its union with the goodwill of its people. Yes there were undesirable instances in such endeavor. It was not achieved in all cleanest manner. There were regrettable excesses committed by members of both pillars. For someone with a goodwill and open mind will not be so taxing to observe that in the history of the late 19th and 20th centuries. But others among us have chosen to look at it in different and questionable ways. At one moment you would see them talking about these excesses when prevailing political situation presented them a favorable environment to advance their personal objectives. Some of them get rewarding positions, scholarships and other fringe benefits. Then when they see things start changing in the political landscape you see them walking back on their words. You sit there wondering if that is the same person you saw him talking a year or a few years ago. You be saying like ‘Has this person gone crazy or lost his mind?’ That is why I chose the term ‘connivers’ to describe such morally corrupt people. They see my/our Oromia with its untapped natural resources as a well prepared missionary cake ready to splice for someone successful in yanking it away from its neighbors. For them the thought process is this: If some Non-Oromos can go there and become filthy rich or millionaire. I can be a billionaire in a jiffy. This daydreaming has been very intoxicating that rendered them unstable. Lies suddenly become truth in their infected mind. The harmony they advocate today gives way for incendiary pejoratives the next day. That is why I found the term ‘connivers’ befitting to call them. That is also why they don’t surprise me. They annoy me but I am not surprised by their ever shifting behavior. They are simply low down dirty shameless creatures. Nuff said for now.


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