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Boundary and Identity Commission,House of Federation to collaborate

Boundary commission _ House of Federation

July 20, 2020 

House of Federation, Ethiopia’s Upper House, and the Boundary and Identity Commission have agreed to collaborate on mandated areas of responsibilities, according to a report by state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

The Bill that established the Boundary and Identity Commission was approved in Parliament in December 2018 with the aim to resolve intra-regional disputed boundary issues and identity questions.

At the time, it was criticized that the commission infringes on the mandates of the House of Federation.

Following the agreement between the two institutions of the country, speaker of the House of Federation, Adem Farah, said that the Boundary and Identity Commission does not stand in the way of the powers of the House of Federation and on the constitutional powers granted to regions.

The commission is entrusted to carry out research to provide a recommendation on policy direction.

According to the EBC report, the commission has discussed a three years strategic plan and issues sent to the commission from the office of the Prime Minister.

A common understanding is reached between the two institutions to work collaboratively on issues of identity, boundary issues, and self-governance questions to resolve disputes quickly to avert violence and conflict, as reported by EBC.

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