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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed returns home from a visit to Eritrea

Ethiopian PM _ Eritran president
Photo : Ministry of Information of Eritrea

July 19, 2020

Abiy Ahmed and his delegation reportedly returned home on Sunday in the afternoon after two days of a working visit to Eritrea, his first travel outside of Ethiopia since the coronavirus state of emergency.

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information disclosed on Sunday that Abiy held extensive discussion with Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki.

According to the Ministry, the discussion focused on “bilateral relations and regional developments.”  It further said that an agreement is reached to strengthen existing multifaceted cooperation between the two countries.

Regional cooperation was also a topic of discussion between the two leaders, and it is said an agreement was reached “to work together to enhance regional cooperation in the Horn of Africa.”

Apart from their discussion, the Eritrean president took Abiy Ahmed and his delegation to a tour of an agricultural development project in the Gash Barka region of Eritrea.

The Ministry of information also disclosed that the two leaders attended the graduation of the 33rd batch of national service trainees at Sawa.

Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Eritrea came following a deadly ethnic cleansing attack in the Oromo region of Ethiopia which raised speculation that his visit had something to do with the security situation in the country.

However, the Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister dismissed that his trip is not related to what happened in Ethiopia in the last two weeks, as reported by ESAT.

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  1. Ok bigots of every brand!!! The balcony is slammed closed on your face. You can reminisce about it but those good old days scavenging at the dumpsites in Asmara are kiss and good bye for you!!! O you bigots!!! You the stench of the worst stench that stunk up this good earth!!! O you the bottom of the farthest bottom of the barrel of human refuse!!! O you the worst scab that ever was who were caught urging the most savage creatures ever crawled on this earth from your welfare furnished homes in Minnesota to go out and murder innocent citizens!!! O you scum! O you scum!!! The dragnet by the rule of law may be tightening on you now. O you scum!!!! The leaders of Djibouti, Somaliland, Puntland, Kenya and Somalia will so start vetting your savage behind soon. South Sudan and Sudan? Don’t even think about it. Your $$$ is grass if you dare go there!!!

    I once again want to say this to this young and visionary Prime Minister. You have wounded snakes in your hand and better know what to do with them in and after a court of law. You better not let another Ayman Al-Zawahiri regenerate out of your slammer. No Sir!!! Not again!!!

  2. Ittu said it for almost all Ethiopians in almost poetry form.

    Sorry to copy and past my previous commentary on the subject. That scribble is still alive until the subject matter changes. Readers do not normally search for archive pieces, and so the alternative of re-posting previous commentaries on the same general topic.

    Borkena is an excellent platform for the general public to share their views. I wish more people share theirs from across the spectrum of writers. The loud mouth extremists, such as Mohammed/Geleba/TPLF and their followers quickly discover popular platforms and try to dominate. I hope the editors of Borkena would see to it that would never happen.

    I am with Abiye 100%.

    There are several ‘merchants of conflict’, the lead ones being one commanded by the likes of Ato Geleba and Mohammed. As far as countering the Geleba/Mohammed group, I strongly believe government efforts need to be complemented with self protection by civilian communities that should be organized (perhaps with support from the government) to defend themselves against the unemployed/unemployable/hopeless/illiterate youth gang. The TPLF is, of course, the richest and successful merchant of conflict having stolen from Ethiopia for the better part of over 40 years (including about 15 years prior to ascending to power under cover of chaos created by the Derge regime). Abiye has done an excellent job of castrating TPLF driving to exile to its home base of Tigrai. So far, TPLF is surviving using the money stolen from Ethiopia during the 27 years of its rule. But there is a limit for how long that money would last, and TPLF knows it, which explains its desperate attempt to return to national power and resume its theft and welfare receipts. Below are discrete steps the federal government can take to ensure TPLF would never ascend to national power again but preferably would take itself and region out of Ethiopia:

    (a) the federal government should stop budgetary transfers to the region. I surmise TPLF is using part of the budgetary allocation to create havoc in Ethiopia, as well as suppressing the ordinary people of Tigrai,

    (b) fuel supply to the Tigrai region must be suspended,

    (c) foreign exchange transfers to TPLF owned or controlled businesses and institutions should be suspended,

    (d) trade in goods and services (including air links) between Ethiopia and Tigrai should be suspended,

    (e) TPLF members/supporters should be fired from federal and regional government jobs,

    (f) real estate owned by TPLF affiliated organizations and individuals, particularly in Addis Abeba, must be targeted for nationalization, and no sales or transfers of such should be allowed,

    (g) telephone services by TPLF leadership, affiliated organizations, members, and supporters should be discontinued.

    I invite others to suggest other measures.

    Before I end, I would like to suggest Eritrea study developments about TPLF carefully to take advantage for what TPLF did to them using Ethiopians as cannon fodders in 1998 and 2000, Ethiopian resources to purchase armaments, and deporting Eritreans from Ethiopia, all under cover of the Ethiopian government. One action Eritrean could take could be forcefully reclaiming the border areas that were awarded by the International Boundary Commission, including the barren land of Bademe, quietly and gradually in the dead of night.

    • Please remember the ordinary people of Tigrai welcomed Abiy with cheer and applause when he first came to office. Then he started, or allegedly started, an anti-Tigray campaign like yours above. The people had to choose between the old devils whom they knew well (TPLF), or the new one.

  3. Hi there Worku
    I understand where you are coming given the immense damage TPLF has caused our nation but think your approach can be amended. We need to distinguish the devil in the flesh which is TPLF from the innocent Ethiopians in Tigray who historically have been one of the pillars of our nation. The answer is not to stop funds from reaching Tigray but rather to channel it through other means such as NGOs, etc. Let the people of Tigray know that we care for them as our brothers and sisters. Lets not provide TPLF a reason to drive a wedge between us and Tigray people. Sooner or later they will rise and chase out TPLF.

    • Agreed. How could a new and innovative government be dumber than TPLF. All they had to do was show real economic support and care for the the people in Tigrai.


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