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Burayu Police reportedly arrested members of “Oromia Synod”

Burayu Police _ Oromia Church
Kesis Belay Mekonen, one of the founders of “Oromia Church” movement. Photo : screenshot from YouTube video

July 19, 2020

Unconfirmed reports emerging on social media (from a source close to the church)  on Sunday say that Burayu Police have arrested members of a group organized under “Oromia Church,” and took over Abune TekeleHaymant Church in Burayu town just outside of the capital Addis Ababa.

According to sources, these groups took over the church by force about two weeks ago when the Diocese stripped off their priesthood.

Burayu Police have started an investigation into the group.

Bepasa Tolla, who is said to the secretary of “Oromia Synod,” has escaped, and police are hunting to arrest him.

A movement for “Oromia Synod” is inspired by radical ethnic Oromo nationalism, and aimed at breaking apart the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church under the guise of linguistic rights. Ethiopian church has its own ancient language called Geez. 

Kesis Balay Mekonen, who is among the founders of the movement, extensively campaigned for his new cause exploiting Oromia Media Network for ethnic Oromo Church (He even became very close with the owner OMN, Jawar Mohammed who is currently in custody in connection with the latest round of massacre in Oromo region of Ethiopia.)  

This week, top Oromo region security personnel confirmed that that slaughter in the region following the death of Hachalu Hundessa, who was himself an Orthodox Christian, targeted the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – something that the “Oromia Synod” movement has not yet condemned.

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  1. The Orthodox church, even though it should stay outside of politics, should always advocate for Ethiopia. Ideally, it would advocate for Geez. But given the current population, it should also teach in local languages while still promoting the idea of united Ethiopia.

    The church would not have reached to such an important influence if it wasn’t for the support hard-line Ethiopian monarchs of the past. It should acknowledge that, even with their faults.

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  3. EOC has never isolated itself from politics .In the name of religion it has been suppresing Oromo identity. Thank you Qesis Belay.


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