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To The International criminal courts – A Call For Justice !

To The International criminal courts
Oude waalsdorper Weg 10
2597 AK The Hague,The Natherlands

A Call For Justice !

July 15, 2020

The International Ethiopians Solidarity Forum would like to draw your attention to the precarious situation in Ethiopia.It is within your reach and understanding  that the current situation may cause instability for the whole region,if it is not controlled on time properly.

For the last 50 years,in particular for the last 30 years,Ethiopia has been confronted in a political turmoil,that challenges its existence as a nation.The group organized on the bases of ethnic ideology under the name Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front(EPRDF),That took power from the military junta led by Mengistu Hailemariam,who is responsible for many deaths under red terror,and with the help of the west escaped justice and lead a comfortable life in Zimbabwe for the last 30 years.

The EPRDF since its existence working hard for the distraction of the country along ethnic line.The former TPLF controlled EPRDF government led by Meles Zenawi,Hailemariam Desalegn and presently by Dr.Abiy Ahmed Ali’s prosperity party is the same style of governance based on the same constitution and institutions that formed a regional administration (KILIL) on the line of ethnic identity to promote  division. The continuation of ethnic based rule has brought Ethiopia to the present verge of collapse. Ethnic federalism and the constitution is the root cause of the problem.

In the last two years, particularly the past one year and the recent unrest that caused genocide, extrajudicial killings, property damage and large people displacement especially crimes committed against the Amhara ethnic population taken by Oromo ethnic extremists is a vivid example and is beyond imagination.

It has been reported by the officials that more than 239 people are killed in  a single day  in different  self-proclaimed OROMIA region of Arsi,Gimma,Shashemeni,Negele, Nekemt, Harar,Diredawa and other places including the capital Addis Ababa. The actual number of victims is much higher than the official statement. The house to house search and killing non Oromo people is the product of brutality seed planted in the minds of Youth extremists by OLF,TPLF and other ethnic political organizations.  

As the former General secretary of The United Nations,Mr Koffi Anan said ”A genocide begins with the killing of a man not for what he has done ,but because of who he is.  A campaign of ethnic cleansing begins with one neighbor turning on another.What begins with the failure to uphold the dignity of one life, often ends with calamity for the entire nation.”   

 The conspiracy killing of Oromo ethnic singer and song writer mr.Hachalu Hundessa has become the igniting factor for the genocide act.The killings and the mob that followed the death of the artist is a well-organized and coordinated one. There are substantial evidences gathered,that show the responsible is the so called Oromo liberation Front(OLF),a similar terrorist organization like Boko Haram and Al Shebab.

This organization is conducting barbaric acts such as indiscriminate killings,kidnapping of girl university students,burning churches as well as human beings.OLF and its allies ultimate objective is ethnic cleansing in various places, cities in the so called Oromo region with impunity and ultimately the disintegration of Ethiopia. OLF and its kind organization has to be exposed and should be put on a terrorist list like other terrorist organizations.

The criminal act must be dealt with the necessary legal action on a national and international level.A political movement or organization based on ethnic and religion must be prohibited  by the international law in order to safeguarded world peace and  human life.

Currently, the backward elements, supporters of the criminal organizations and individuals are expressing their support  by demonstrating  in the streets of different foreign lands including the Netherlands ,the home of the International court of Justice.

Most of the protesters and supporters of genocide are refugees, asked asylum on the ground that they are victims of inhuman handling of Oromo led government of Ethiopia. These self-claimed refugees are now engaged in supporting criminal organizations like TPLF,OLF and other organizations known for human rights abuses.

The Genocide and hate is not limited only on ethnical bases, but is also on religious grounds. The extremists are promoting conflict and terrorism in all aspects and areas. They preach Jihad against Christians and none Muslim population. Their extremist and hateful propaganda and campaign must be stopped and the responsible organizations, Leaders, members and supporters must be brought to justice.

The supporters are using their action as a sign and evidence of political activity for their asylum cases.No government or organization will recognize a supporters of genocide as a genuine refugee and allow to abuse democracy, mislead the international community and disturb public order at the time of corona pandemic .

The international criminal court and the government of the Netherlands should not ignore and act as unconcerned for the danger that might make the whole east Africa region unsafe and a war zone and Ethiopia in particular become a fertile ground for extremism and terrorism under the disguise of ethnic equality and democracy.

Being the icon of human rights and justice, your organization should act to avert the dangerous situation in Ethiopia before it reaches to the level of no return like the situation that took place in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia 25 years ago and left a big scar and shame in the minds and history of the international community. It must draw a lesson from its past and never allow it to happen again. 

Ethiopia being a founding member of the league of Nations and later the United Nations has contributed immensely for the world peace and collective security. It committed herself for international and regional peace and stability.

The international Ethiopian Solidarity Forum (IESF)hopes and is confident that you will consider the call and take the necessary steps to prevent further clashes and human loos in Ethiopia.

We conclude by adding the remark “It is better to avoid the cause of the fire in advance than running after the flame in progress”

With all respect

International Ethiopian Solidarity Forum( IESF)

CC  To The government of The Netherlands
The United Nations and the European Union

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