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Ethiopian PM blames leadership for problem in SNNPR

Ethiopian PM says SNNPR region’s peace and political activity is hijacked by activists due to failure of the leadership in the region

Ethiopian PM _ SNNPR
PM Abiy Ahmed during a meeting with SNNPR leaders

July 13, 2020

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with regional and zone level leaders from Southern Nations and Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) on the weekend.

Administrative arrangement questions in the region, peace, nation-building, and development were among major agenda items during the meeting.

While noting that the way the region was organized bears problematic features and that there were demands for corrective measures in the eve of the reform movement, Abiy criticized the leaders for what he called leadership failure in the region.

“Although the leadership played a leading role during the struggle for national reform, the security problem that the region currently experiencing is primarily due to leadership failure,” he said as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

Ethiopian regional states are organized on the basis of ethnicity and language except in the SNNPR where over 50 language speaking groups had been organized together under a single regional state with multicultural attributes.

It is to be recalled that Sidama became the newest and 10th regional state in the country.  Power was officially transferred to the new region a few weeks ago.

Ten more zone level administrations in the SNNPR region are vying for statehood status, like Sidama.  The quest for regional state status in the region has caused a series of violence claiming dozens of innocent lives.

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  1. The terrorists are to blame more than anyone else for what the ethnic Gedeo displaced people and the other Southern ethnicities went through.አማራ-መሃል-የአጥፍቶ-ጠፊ-ቦንብ-አፈነዳለ-2/


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