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Court to pass verdict this week on the case of Gerba et al

Bekele _ court _ Ethiopia
Bekele Gerba. VOA Ahmaric

July 16, 2020

Deputy Chairman of Oromo Federalist Congress, Bekele Gerba, and others in the same file appeared in court in the capital Addis Ababa on Monday.

According to a report by VOA Amharic, police requested for additional days to complete investigations.

However, lawyers of the defendants opposed the decision. Kedir Bulu, Bekele’s lawyer, told VOA Amharic that they appealed to the court that police need to observe the rights of the defendants to get justice in a reasonably quick time.

After examining the cases from both sides, the court gave an appointment for July 16, 2020, to pass the verdict on the case.

Kedir Bulo also told VOA Amharic that he has asked Bekele Gerba regarding treatment in prison. The latter confirmed that the treatment for prisoners in the prison is good.

He was arrested in connection with a scuffle with law enforcement officers over the body of singer Hachalu Hundessa who was assassinated in the capital Addis Ababa on June 29, 2020. 

Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed allegedly mobilized a crowd to demand that the late Hachalu Hundessa should be laid to rest in the capital Addis Ababa but it was indicated that their interest in burial place was in a collision course with the family decision. 

A member of a special police force was killed in the ensuing scuffle by security details of Jawar Mohammed.

The Ethiopian government says there was a plan to take down the government with the guise of organizing a funeral for Hachalu in the capital Addis Ababa.

At least 239 people were killed and nearly 300 wounded, mostly in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, after the news of Hachalu Hundessa Killing was heard.

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  1. The past three years have shown deep weaknesses in processing and applying the ‘rule of law’ in Ethiopia. There could be several reasons for that, one of which could be weaknesses in the court system itself, which was understandable given the quality of the educational system to produce legal professionals in adequate numbers. Another reason could be low levels of compensation to attract and retain qualified and incentivized legal professionals, grounded on the low level of economic development in the country. Under those circumstances, it would be understandable if people resort to extrajudicial measures to protect their families and interests. Let me give one example from the United States.

    What is now called the United States was originally composed of immigrants, firstly from Europe and forced labor from Africa, but latter joined by economic migrants from all over the world. As happened, the Italian and Irish immigrants among the white population were looked down by other Europeans (mainly the British) and hence were disadvantaged economically and socially. Because of that societal problem, the Italians resorted to self protection and preservation by transplanting their extrajudicial culture back in the homeland of Sicily called ‘mafioso or mafia’. The Irish quickly learned from the Italians and applied the same techniques in their new American settlement region called Boston. Both ethnic groups took up on themselves to protect their kinds since the law failed them. With time, however, both became maintstream law abiding citizens because laws of the federal, state, and local government became stronger and were able to protect the ethnic groups at par with the rest of white immigrants. Could the ‘Mafioso’ system be right for contemporary Ethiopia, albeit temporarily? My answer is ‘yes, of course’.

    The likes of Ato Geleba and Mohammed have been creating havoc in Ethiopia for many years now. They both stuck their noses on the government so much so they became the law unto themselves. Last time Mohammed was responsible, directly or indirectly, for the loss of over 80 innocent citizens and related destruction of properties and livelihoods. And yet, he was let free to continue his deeds, traveling freely to the USA and raise funds for his criminal enterprise. Ato Geleba worked with him closely, as did TPLF and Egypt in the background providing propaganda and financial support.

    If Ato Geleba and Mohammed are tried in a Kangaroo legal system and released, justice should be handed to them Mafia style. All the businesses that lost their livelihoods and households who lost their loved ones should apply justice on those terrorists (and similar thugs) directly and/or indirectly by financing the private Mafia style justice system. Those types should not let be free to continue creating havoc in the country, and keeping Ethiopians poor, under educated, beggars, and laughing stocks of the world; a premium example of ‘shit hole’ in the words of US President Donald Trump..

    To complement the Mafia system, I think it is time the civil society to rise up defend their own communities, rather than only relying to the government to do that for them. Why should the terrorists roam freely to destroy lives and property, when the silent majority sits and watches? There are probably more young people among the silent majority than from sub groups that are the breeding grounds of thugs. The minute stone throwing and stick displaying thugs are seen, in the open, the opposing youth should groups everywhere should be able to counter them. For that to happen, preparations must be done well before hand, and command systems should be put in place. The Derge did well in that regard by setting up the “Kebele command and control” system. People had (and still may have) bad memories the ‘Kebele” system under the Derge, but what we should learn is its effectiveness in restoring and order in neighborhood across the country.

  2. In my understanding “Limat” means development. Limatawi EPRDF or developmental EPRDF had been talking about limat for decades. Now the question is what kind of development are we talking about? Most of the Oromo society including the PM himself while in bed thinks development means or translates to having as much babies as possible. Whoever is giving birth the most amount of children is considered as the most developed by most Oromos or by almost all other ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

    Then when we step into the house of federation the EPRDF PP takes measures for development by counting double digits economic growth , dollars borrowed from worldbank or by number of high rise buildings it built, not by the number of children got born as the society while in bed does measure development.

    The society gets married, with some muslims marrying ten wives at the same time and having babies non stop because that is what development translates to the people eventhough raising children is becoming extremely difficult for parents because both parents work many hours to feed their children, the children are left to grow up without proper role model guiding them as they grow up.

    When children go to schools colleges you find Professors such as Merira Gudina or Bekele Gerba teaching the children or until two decades ago people were being thought in schools by shabiya agents teaching students to Down Down Ethiopia formally in Ethiopian schools ,back then when children complain about their “down down Ethiopia” Shabiya teachers then the children get expelled from school by the shabiya teachers , with the students geting kicked out put out of school for resisting down down Ethiopia teachings and most of the time end up disowned by their family wrongly accusung their children of being a lazy backward undeveloped student because at the time no parent believed there are teachers intentionally teaching their students to down down Ethiopia in Ethiopian schools , most parents thought they have a liar child who defames the teachers. Until 1998 Shabiya thought in schools within Ethiopia for the students to act savagely against each other, shabiya tried to convince students that down downing each other in a society means building hard working competitive society, means development or means competitive capitalism , those students who let down down Ethiopia teachings to marinate in their brains believing that is what competitive capitalism development is all about graduated from schools with distinctions then went to become leaders and became teachers themselves holding key positions in EPRDF. Those who opposed such teachings are labeled lazy damn and had been ridiculed by the limatawi EPRDF most ended up in jails or in exiles with no contact from their parents or from their family members for being lazy backward damn who no Ethiopian wants to listen to what they got to say.

    Building high rise buildings and borrowing billions of dollars from the west should not have been the only measure of development or having as many kids should not have been the measure of development, what development translates to is being able to understand, communicate, build thrust amongst each other within a family or within a society which is a measure Ethiopia is least developed with this measure of development.

    Just having gangs of kids, with each year new baby being born only for some parents not even remembering their own children names is what is bringing the disaster we are experiencing.Even those who know their children names don’t know anything about the child they brought into this world meaning there is a majority of the population which is a loose cannon society of 40 years or younger which tries to go on as a country without knowing what is in the minds of each other.


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