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Federal police arrested two senior TPLF officials over unrest that claimed 239 lives

The report of arrest came following an escalation of war of words between Federal authorities and the TPLF which is implicated in Hachalu’s killing 

July 10, 2020

Ethiopia’s Federal Police has arrested two senior Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) members in Addis Ababa.

VOA Amharic service reporter in Tigray, Mulugeta Atsebeha, said that he has confirmed the news from the TPLF office.

Tewolde Gebre Tsadkan, TPLF special zone office head in Addis Ababa and Central Committee member, and Tesfalem Yihdego who is Director of  Legal and Justice Research Institute (in a rank of State Minister – as it is described in Ethiopia) were arrested in connection with the unrest in the country following the death of Hachalu Hundessa.

Two other employees of the TPLF office in Addis Ababa ( they are said to be drivers) are also arrested, according to the report by VOA Amharic service.

It is said they are not allowed to be visited by family members ( which authorities link to Coronavirus prevention rules in place) and their lawyers.

A VOA reporter indicated that he was unable to include remarks from the Federal police due to accessibility issues.

Ethiopian government authorities claim that TPLF is involved in the planning of the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa – which the government said was part of a bigger plan to trigger violence between different ethnic groups (Amhara and Oromo to be specific) in a way that triggers the disintegration of Ethiopia.

In a statement issued on Thursday, TPLF pointed fingers to what it called a “Unitary and dictatorial group in Arat Kilo” in connection with the killing. 

The organization also accused that the same group is plotting against TPLF and the people of Tigray, and called on people in the region to standby for a “decisive fight.”

TPLF and the Federal government are also in a collision course over the sixth general election. The former has passed the decision to have its own election in the region when the House of Federation (Upper House) extended the terms of regional and Federal Houses until after the Coronavirus is declared no longer a public threat. 

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  1. General Kinfe Dagnew is said to be found innocent of all charges by the prosecutor, charges are about to be dropped.

    METEC (National Industrial Engineering Corporation) and Geda Construction Plc. are considering merger.

  2. How to identify “Shene/AbaTorbe/OLF” Members….

    I suspect the at large member of the group that killed the singer is Kebede Gemechu; he might be the the key link with the Shene/AbaTorbe/OLF. And his associates must be members of “liberation front (s)” also. Here is how those members may be identified, hunted, and eliminated….

    Kebede Gemechu has a Facebook page. He is the one whose profile is pictures of Kalashnikov guns. Look into his picture collections, and you will see him right there; his picture is the same as the one posted in July 10th edition of Ethiopian Reporter. And look further into the list of his ‘friends’ of over 500 to identify the thugs who must be members of Shene/AbaTorbe/OLF.

    Darn it, the above information was based on my research about three hours ago. But upon revisiting the Facebook just now, the fellow or his associates have deleted his Facebook page. Not to worry: just look at another page under WBO Multi-Media and you may see other associates of Shene/AbaTorbe/OLF. Facebook can be a very important source of information for the Ethiopian security apparatus. Just follow the steps summarized above to identify, hunt, and deal with the thugs. Facebook is double edge tool: for peace as well as evil deeds, the latter tool of the ISIS/al Queda/al Shabab student graduate named Mohammed.

  3. Keep rounding up these trouble makers who are hell bent to do or cause grievous harm to innocent citizens. Keep busing them in jail!!! To these miscreants reforms in all areas with full participation of the regime mean an opportune time to foment misplaced anger and incite destructive mob rampage. These bigotS do not belong to be in the streets but behind the slammer and then throw away the keys!!! Enough is enough!!!!

  4. Just imagine what could have happened if those who snatched away the body of that young artist’s body were successful in holding a funeral service and burial in the capital. They were asking millions to swarm into the capital for the service. Just imagine the bloodletting and wanton pillage!!! Just photocopy Mogadishu in 1991 on steroid. But also you extrapolate other possibilities from then onward. There would have been a complete breakdown of law and order that would render the government out of action. Then and then these punk rockers and Martin Luther Jr. wannabe’s would proclaim a formation of a government or call it a republic amid floods of human blood and wasteland. That is what ivy schools teach you these days, I guess. That is why I have been telling you all over the years that these are not ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘human right advocates’ but dreamers of creating personal fiefdoms. I did not see them as such without compelling evidence. I’ve had close and personal encounters with others who were just like them. You cannot start to imagine the depth of hatred they harbor against others. Their solution is the final one ala The Third Reich. Do not be deceived by their meek demeanor. You have to look and be like one of them and then just tickle them. That is how you can find out their true colors. All I can say is those innocent citizens are extremely fortunate that these bigots did not get their wishes. That gem of the colored has been spared from the wrath of demons one more time. We mourn now the death of about 230 very dear countrymen/women. But we could have been mourning the death of tens, hundreds of thousands and may be millions by now. That is not a walk in the park. And it is not funny, ok!!!!!


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