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I am ashamed to tell my children that I am an Oromo

The barbarity of attack on innocent and unarmed Ethiopians in the Oromo region of Ethiopia has shocked people from the region and beyond. Amhara, Gurage and Wolaita ethnic groups are among ethnic groups that were targeted.

July 5, 2020

While a considerable number of ethnic Oromo extremists living abroad called for an ethnic cleansing against “neftegan” (their code word for ethnic Amhara)using social media platforms and radical Oromo media outlets in the days after the killing of Hachalu Hundessa, there were some Oromo Ethiopians who were disgusted and ashamed by barbaric attacks on ethnic Amhara and destroyed their properties. Having seen what happened in the past few days, says Mekonen Molla, “I am ashamed to tell my children that I am an Oromo”

He said he confirmed the news from his relatives back in Ethiopia. He also said that he has seen messages for ethnic cleansing on Oromia Media Network.

In his video message he conveyed both in Amharic and Oromifa and revealing the perplexing nature of Oromo question, he asks “what kind of ‘freedom’ is the people of Oromo seeking? Watch it.

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  1. Don’t be ashamed to tell your children you are an Oromo.What all of us Ethiopians Oromo or not, should be ashamed of is we letting this stooge “PM” enable the genociders.

    Egypt influenced Norway to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Abiy, followed by Trump commenting ” I Trump deserved the Nobel Peace not Abiy”.

    Egypt succeeded in paralyzing Abiy by giving him this Nobel prize.

    Abiy became so peaceful even when he needed to be firm he became soft , just to prove to the world he personally was the peace maker who deserved the nobel peace prize , Egypt influenced Abiy to get the prize knowing his ego will not allow him to carry out his duty as a PM but he will start living to the Nobel prize’s set expectations.

    Indirectly Egypt influenced Abiy’s actions through the Nobel ,he continued appeasing criminals and genociders to prove he was a peacemaker to Ethiopia and to elsewhere. His priority shifted to being a world reknown nobel recipient peace Laurette rather than an Ethiopian person , as a result Ethiopia stayed in a brink of a civil war . PM Abiy needs to take a hard look at himself to discover who the stooge is.

  2. This is not only a genocide ,but also a treason in huge scale when the country is facing her future with eternal nemesis & a global pandemic? I am ashamed to be Ethiopian.

  3. Who cares, be ashamed, this what ” ashamed” has done to us for the last 100 years . For how long are we going to live like this. I dont support targeting any ethnic group our issue is with the goverment at the moment. I think this goverment is hoin gv to be even worse than woyane. ” bring back woyane”. I will rather have them than Neftagna any time.
    I dbout any oromo will accept the return of solomonic dynasty and the propoganda of Neftagna. The only way for oromo people is complete self determination nothing else. I think the experiment of one ethiopia has died with Dr. ABIY. so please continue being ashamed and tell your kids that you are an Amhara for all we care. Oromo people have been enslaved by others using people like you. The genocidal Menelik and Hailesilase used oromos to rule and dehumanized other oromos. So it does not matter what you think, all that matters is what people of Finfinnee, wellega, jimaa, Arsi, Bale, Harar, Borana, and brave people of Ambo think. We can never allow Neftagna to rule this country with their backward ideology of one religion ( orthodox church) and one language (Amharic). If Oromos or any other ethnic ( the good people of tigrai, somali, afar, sidama, walaita, gambela and others let this happen we will see the beginning of the end of the so called ” ethiopia”.

    • The good people of tigrai, somali, afar, sidama, walaita, gambela are watching the Oromo youth destroying their businesses and hoping they would go back to wherever they came from. They are all well-aware of the only group destabilizing Ethiopia right now!

  4. Dear Amsale

    This is truly, ‘ahiyawin ferto dawlawin’. You should be ashamed of the way you look at the problems of our country.

  5. A heroic act of his part to come in front of a camera and talk directly about the unfolding drama in Ethiopia and its long and complicated history. I salute him. He is my hero and truth teller.

    One of the problems is the way Oromo history have been mythologizing and its brutality of that history have been systematically distorted. One of the bizarre claims have and continue to be the history of Addis Ababa. There are no archeological, architectural or any other material evidence now or in the past linking Addis Ababa with the history of Oromo. It all BS pure and simple. Ethiopia was there in the past and will be here in the future. The great Oromo people who have fought for Ethiopia will once again fight to insure that extremist are defeated.


  6. Thank you man for speaking the truth. I think you represent nearly all Oromos, not the very tiny 100s who follow the Mohammed and Geleba types who are driven like cattle. Time to come out and aggressively promote work on the ground to improve the livelihoods of people, not overthrow governments.

    By the way, I am half Oromo, but that never crossed my mind and still does not; believe about my Ethiopianness. Ethnicity is not important for me, and that was the way I grew up and nurtured.

    The young man leading Ethiopia is god sent. His political philosophy is right on the mark, and his governance is the same. He has very difficult challenge ahead of him, but we all need to stand behind him and encourage him. I am certain he would keep growing politically with age, with the potential to leave his print in Ethiopia like all the great leaders of the past.


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