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Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan agreed to have an African Union-led negotiation

As news emerge that the filing of GERD is delayed which Ethiopia is yet to confirm, African Union is to lead the negotiation between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia

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June 26, 2020

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and African Union leaders managed to bring the leaders of Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan together for a meeting a week after the tripartite talk on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) failed.

One significant outcome of the meeting is that the three countries have agreed to pursue an “African Solution,” to resolve the deadlock over GERD.

Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, has confirmed that the three countries have agreed to resolve their differences over GERD in African Union-led negotiation. 

Mr. Mahamet tweeted  “I participated in a productive Bureau of AU Heads of State mtng convened by @AUChair2020 to discuss the #GERD dam. Wise Pan-African leadership shown by Pres @AlsisiOfficial, PM @AbiyAhmedAli & @SudanPMHamdok as they agreed to an AU-led process to resolve outstanding issues.”

Ethiopian Prime Minister expressed pleasure over “fruitful discussions on African Solutions to the #GERD…”  In a statement he wrote in three languages, he said, “I appreciate Chair of the AU, President Cyril Ramaphosa for his leadership in facilitating these high-level talks of continental significance. Gratitude also to AUC Chairperson Moussa Faki. Our continental organisation, with a Pan-African spirit, is the right space to dialogue on issues that are of value to #Africa. “

For him, as is the case with his fellow countrymen, “GERD offers all stakeholders the opportunity for unprecedented economic growth and mutual development.”

Before the latest tripartite meeting which was possible mainly because of Sudan, US-brokered negotiation in Washington failed as the United States (although it claimed that it is participating as an “observer”) sought to support Egypt at the expense of Ethiopia.

Following the tripartite talk, Egypt escalated rhetoric along the line of militarism while writing a complaint letter to the UNSC at the same time.

Egypt manifested a strong interest to negotiate the entire Nile Dam. But Ethiopia said it is only the GERD project that is under negotiation. For a talk over the Nile, said Ethiopia, all the riparian countries (they are eleven) need to take part.

Also, Ethiopia rejected Egypt’s “historical right” claim over the Nile water which is based on a colonial-era arrangement in which Ethiopia was not involved in any way. With the current water allocation, Egypt consumes well over 77 percent of the water and Sudan uses the remaining. Ethiopia’s current use of the water is zero when 86 percent of the Nile Water originates from Ethiopia.

Ethiopians believe that Egypt has been destabilizing Ethiopia for too long by exploiting internal dissensions.  The situation with GERD is a little different. It has united Ethiopians. There has been an online campaign for months now calling for the Ethiopian government to go ahead and fill the dam. 

Clearing the forest has started on Friday as filing the first phase of the dam is only two weeks away – if Ethiopia is to adhere to its schedule which Sudan and Egypt opposed demanding to reach an agreement first. They took the matter to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to stop Ethiopia from what they call a “unilateral filling of the dam.”

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  1. In regards to the start of the filling of the dam, I never knew that July 1st was announced as the start date. First it should start when it is raining in buckets otherwise it would not be the right thing to do. No matter how the megalomaniac in Cairo has been behaving and acting up, we should never forget that there is a combined close to 150 million innocent people both in Sudan and Egypt. The filling should begin in July without causing any harm to those innocent neighbors. Otherwise, it is going to be a diplomatic disaster for the old country. That country cannot afford to be seen as a pariah state by the rest of the world and its leaders should exhibit maturity and remain pragmatic as they have been so far.

    BTW, have you noticed the numbers coming out of Egypt about the pandemic? There has been a runaway infection rate daily. The new confirmed cases have been in thousands every day. Those of you who have lived there would remember how people live there. It is said that more than a fifth of the entire population live in Cairo alone sardined together like ants. The same in Alexandria or Giza. Once extremely infectious virus like COVID enters the hood, it is gonna be a bloodbath. It is not difficult to find 10-15 people living in not more than a small room. Our very capable Lia bint Tadesse has tested more than 245,000 people but Egypt with a GDP(PPP) of more a trillion US dollars(more than 5 times bigger than the old country) has tested 135,000 only. Out of the 135,000 total tested more than 63,000 of them have the virus, almost half. I bet you the 63,000 positive numbers are also heavily cooked. I don’t know how they gonna implement social distancing. The superpower wannabe has a time bomb in his hands. This is a total failure.

  2. Let us be honest — still better: let us be daring to say that Egypt will NEVER, NEVER willingly accept the logical and fair arrangements for the benefit of ALL. It may be cliche but the basic reason is simple: EGYPT HAS CONTEMPT FOR BLACK AFRICA and SUPERIORITY COMPLEX that will NEVERr go away. Egypt has only one and only one music to play: ITS AGE OLD NEGOTIATION AND ARRANGEMENTS IT HAD WITH THE IMPERIAL GREAT BRITAIN. Needless to say, Ethiopia was never invited to that meeting — a solid example that Egypt has NO intention of negotiation with a country [a continent, in fact] that it categorizes as SLAVES >>> ‘Abid’. THE END

  3. Now, get a load of this. The superpower wannabe in Al-Qahirah just sentenced a female traditional entertainer to a 3-year in prison and a heavy fine for belly dancing on YouTube. He claimed her style has been suggestive. Well for the door knobs Wahhabis any belly dancing is suggestive even for westerners new to the dance. Here is what I am gonna ask the leaders of the Oromia region and PM Abiy himself. I want them to round up every Itu and their neighboring Arsi woman younger than 43 years and sentence them to at least 3 years in hard labor prison for their neck movement during traditional dancing because el-Sisi told me it is suggestive. I mean every one of them. I will send the same ultimatum to Amhara Region to do the same to that age group for shaking their shoulders during traditional dancing. I will ask officials in Tigray to do the same cuz they also shake their shoulders which is suggestive. Afar and Somalia, what are you waiting? Just bus all of them in jail. O you women from Wolayta, you are in deep trouble. I am gonna demand life in jail for you!!!

    In all seriousness, this shows that all Junta strongmen(except those Costa Ricans of the 1950’s) have no set of principles of their own. They tend to be wound up like a mechanical watch by whoever happened to be in the kitchen that day. I am not sure if this top brass on shaky legs will stay the course even if an amicable agreement is reached among these three nations. He is gonna keep spinning it to death always coming up with new demands.

  4. Ethiopia is the source of 86% of the Nile water and rich soil that flow to Sudan and Egypt and that more than 60% of the 110 million Ethiopian population is living without access to energy sources. It is worthy of note that today Ethiopia is negotiating with parties that do not contribute a glass of water to the Nile while it supplies more than 86% of the river water. The fact that accessing and utilizing the Nile water resources is not a matter of choice but is a matter of existential priority, as Ethiopia aspires to meet its current and future generations’ demands for energy, water and food security and to lift millions out of extreme poverty. To facilitate this process, Declaration of Principles on the GERD signed between the governments of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in Khartoum on 23rdof March 2015 is a common and principled document to apply for the filling and operation of the GERD. In view of this as plans are already notified, filling of the GERD should start now in July when the winter rain pour abundant and excess water that otherwise would cause silt formation in Sudan and overload in Egypt. Colonial treaties that Egypt is referring to is based on the old hegemonic notion of historic rights to which Ethiopia is not a party because Ethiopia was not a colony, has never been and considers such treaties shameful to entertain in the 21st century. Mutual cooperation and the spirit of win-win solution that benefits all parties should be the applicable mechanism to deal with GERD and all other similar matters of mutual concern today and in times to come. It is sound and right to pull off colonial mindset and breath freedom at least today. Ethiopia has done this since time immemorial.


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