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Experts,researchers to form advisory council on the Nile and GERD

advisory council _ GERD
Samuel Kifle (Ph.D), State Minister in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Photo credit : FBC

June 24, 2020

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher education announced on Wednesday that a coalition of experts and intellectual’s council is to be established with the aim to advise the Ethiopian government on the Nile Basis, Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) and other related issues.

State Minister in the Ministry, Samuel Kifle, is cited as saying that the government will also work to ensure that Universities focusing on research on water studies are producing quality intellectuals.

New programs will be opened, if needed, to foster research in the area, it was said, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC).

Ethiopia has universities with a focus on Water technology studies.

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