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Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki visiting Sudan

Eritrea was among the countries in the region that supported the popular uprising that toppled Omar Hassan Al-Bashir’s regime in Sudan

Eritrean President _ Sudan
When TMC chiarman, Let. Gen. Abdul-Fattah, visited Asmara in 2019 at Asmara International Airport. (Photo : file / Ministry of Information of Eritrea)

June 24, 2020

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki is visiting Sudan starting on Thursday this week, Sudanese News Agency reported on Wednesday. 

In what is said to be a three days official visit, Isaias will meet with First Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council, and with the vice president of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Mohammed Hamdan Daqlo who was himself on three days of working visit to Ethiopia this past week. 

The meeting between the leaders of the two countries will focus on bilateral relations and cooperation between the two counties. 

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information did not confirm the news at this writing.

However, an Eritrean News source on social media reported Wednesday saying that the tension that the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) has created in the region is among agenda items to be discussed between Eritrea and Sudan.

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  1. There was news today that the UN Security Council has decided to discuss Egypt’s and Sudan’s letters regarding the filling of the dam this coming Monday just two days before the beginning of July, the month when the filling of the will start.

    It is too late now. The dam is said to be more than 70% complete. It has to start filling very soon. What? It is not being constructed just to look at it. It reminds me what one Egyptian told me many decades. That was when there was news about the late Emperor contemplation of a dam on that river. He told me that there will never be a dam on that river then or forever. Then I asked him if there is a situation where such project would be feasible and acceptable to Egypt. The only way that it will be possible is with the Egyptian design and total control. He even told me he did not think Egypt will be unwilling to finance the project itself. The only way Egypt will come into an agreement with this project is if it is the given total control on the operation. The swinging stance of Sudan does not surprise me at all. Please remember that it was created on the whims Egypt itself. It has very strong presence in the military of Sudan. The military of both countries, the top brass in particular, seems to have deeply entrenched conviction that it has the mandate to keep their countries straight. Look at both now. The top brass is in charge with a slight tweaking in the Sudan. So Sudan’s wavering is what it should do to avoid the wrath of its creator. The old country is gonna start filling the dam in just a week or two. Then what? BTW, the president of Eritrea is traveling to Sudan. The scenario goes like this: Egypt has locked horn with Turkey in Libya. Turkey has allowed one of President Isaias enemies to hold a conference in its country which means Eritrea has bones to pick with Turkey. Ooh-wee!!! Things are getting complimented now!!!

  2. So I guess we’re accepting an ‘Eritrean News source on social media’ as legitimate news?

    Eritrea is simply encouraging good relations amongst the countries of the Horn. Contrary to certain ‘political analysts’ who desire endless war and bloodshed in the Horn, I believe Ethiopia will and should utilize their natural resources and the dam for their benefit, and can simultaneously do it in a way that won’t harm Sudan & Egypt.


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