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Ethiopian Investment Commissioner, Abebe Abebayehu, Resigns

Ethiopian Investment _ Abebe Abebayehu
Abebe Abebayehu, former Ethiopian Investment Commissioner. Photo : SM

June 22, 2020

Abebe Abebayehu, Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner, has reportedly resigned from his position.

According to a report by The Ethiopian Reporter on Monday which cited what it called credible sources, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has accepted his resignation.

The source also added that Lelise Neme, who is currently the executive director of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, is poised to take over the Commissioner post of the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

Abebe Abebayehu is active in social media but he did not mention anything about resignation in his latest tweets.

He has served in the position for about two years now. Not much is known as to why he resigned. The reporter said he resigned for “personal reasons.” 

Recently, he announced on his twitter page about a webinar on The Ethiopian Investment Law Reform which is scheduled to take place on June 26.

Privatization is one of the key reform measures that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is pushing. Key national assets including Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Airlines are up for “privatization.”  The bidding process for Ethio Telecom is already launched despite outcry from reputable Ethiopian economists.

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  1. Remainants of woyane regime are leaving the way to the new leadership. A lady of similar group resigned from high house of councel last time. It is not possible to mix the oil with water- the the theives/woyane with the innocents/current leadership. This is well known fact and I am surprised how you tried to make this a news headline.

  2. Why is Abiy so in hurry to sell ethioTeleom.The Arab telecoms are bidding to buy it after they said Ethiopia has no right to build a dam on Abay.


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