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Heads of Ethiopia’s regional state paid a visit to GERD site

Regional leaders vow to defend, complete the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

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Heads of regional sates visit GERD project. Photo screenshot from ENA video

June 15, 2020

About seven heads of regional states of Ethiopia have paid a visit on Sunday to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which is said to be 74 percent completed. 

Their visit came at a time when Egypt is accusing Ethiopia of faltering the tripartite talk between the three countries ( Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan) 

Egyptian behavior (most Ethiopians tend to believe that Egypt is still working to destabilize the country through the agency of political actors with radical ethnic nationalist convictions) is increasingly uniting Ethiopians. 

It is in that light that the visits of the regional states are understood. 

They have given their remarks after the visit. Awol Arba, president of Afar regional state, said that people from all walks of life have contributed financially for the project, and it is not completed. The support continues until it is completed, he said. 

Mustafa Mohammed, acting president of Somali region, was among those who visited the project.

 “The benefit of any national project reaches the Somali region. In the case of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the benefit directly reaches Somali region. Most areas in the region do not have access to electricity. So, we believe the Somali region will benefit from the project. People in Somali region will do everything to the project that the rest of Ethiopians are doing, ” Mustafa told Fana Broadcasting Corporations (FBC).

Shimeles Abdissa, acting president of Oromo regional state, on his part, said that Egypt is putting pressure on Ethiopia using the World Bank, the US government, and in many other ways. “This generation has the obligation to resist the pressure, and completing the dam is a matter of survival,” he said. 

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