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European Union Ambassador says Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt would resolve GERD issues

EU _ Ethiopia _ Egypt _ Sudan
EU Ambassador to Ethiopia, Johan Borgstam, meeting with Gedu Andargachew.

June 11, 2020

Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Gedu Andargachew, had a meeting with European Union Ambassador to Ethiopia, Johan Borgstam, in Addis Ababa, without both removing their facemasks.

Coronavirus situation in the country and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam were among items discussed in their meeting.

The European Union is now part of the tripartite talk between Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan as an observer for which Gedu expressed appreciation – according to a brief statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister shared on a social media page.

The statement cited Ambassador Johan Borgstam as saying that he has a strong “belief that Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt would solve outstanding issues over the dam through negotiation.”

Apart from the European Union, South Africa and the United States of America are attending the negotiation as observers. While expressing interest in getting insights into best practices whenever the negotiating parties solicit for it jointly, Ethiopia said that an agreement has been reached for the role of the observers to remain observers only.

The latest round of the tripartite talk is not all smooth. Although Egypt, with its claim of “historical right” over the Nile which Ethiopia is not recognizing, is back to the tripartite negotiating table with a stellar effort from Sudan, Ethiopia said on Wednesday that Egypt lacks good faith and transparency in the negotiation.

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