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Oromo regional state warns Jawar Mohammed to refrain from inciting another round of instability

Police Commission in Oromo region of Ethiopia seems to have resolved to stop Jawar Mohammed from triggering another round to instability in the region

Jawar Mohammed _ Oromo regional state
Jawar Mohammed with his escorts in Oromo region of Ethiopia. Photo : file /SM

June 10, 2020

When Jawar Mohamed wrote a status update sometime in late October  2019 saying his life was under threat which triggered a crisis in Oromo region of Ethiopia which led to the death of at least 86 innocent civilians, the government (regional or Federal) did not act in the direction holding him legally accountable. Going after him was apparently considered to be politically risky.

Based on a statement that the Oromia region Police Commission released on June 9 in reaction to Jawar’s status update on social media, the region’s police do seem to be ready to act against the brutes of Jawar Mohammed.

“The  Oromia Liyu Police has killed another young man named  Sadik Haji Ibro in Dinsho, Bale Zone last night. Extrajudicial killings have become daily occurrence in the region. People are from the rural areas are descending on the town in protest,” is the statement that Jawar wrote for his 1.9 million followers on facebook. 

The statement from Oromia Police Commission denies the allegation and warned Jawar to refrain from disseminating what it called “inaccurate information” with the aim to disrupt “peace and stability in the region.”  Jawar’s statement is also seen in the light of a move to blackmail the integrity of special forces in the region – based on police statements.

Furthermore, it stated that it will hold Jawar legally responsible for inciting messages published on different platforms.

Those who tend to see Jawar’s activism as a heinous one seem to doubt that police in Oromo regional state will go after Jawar.

Notable politicians in the Oromo opposition quarter, like Kemal Gelchu, have started to speak out that Jawar’s activism is becoming more about his ego rather than for the cause of Justice.  

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