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Ethiopia: TPLF lifted SoE measures,elections to be treated as Self-determination

TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael says election is an exercise of self-determination which he says is in the Ethiopian constitution

Tigray _ Debretsion _ TPLF
Debretsion Gebremichael. (photo file : TRCB)

June 7, 2020

Barely two weeks after a young man was killed over alleged violation of the state of emergency measure in Mekelle, Tigray Regional State announced on Saturday that it has lifted the state of emergency measures that it imposed about two months ago as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

Rural-urban mobility and movements between towns were banned, among other measures. The decision is in effect as of Monday, June 8, 2020.

Explaining why it is lifted now, acting head of the regional state and chairman of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Debretsion Gebremichael said that the restrictions are now removed to stimulate economic activities – as reported by Deutsche Welle Amharic service.  The economic impact of Coronavirus has been severe in the Tigray region – he added.

A report by VOA Amharic said that driving license training schools are permitted to start classes on condition that they have only ten students in the class.

Bars can re-open, too. And the condition is that they will operate until 8 p.m. and must operate “with caution”, as reported by VOA Amharic.

State emergency measures introduced by the Federal government to arrest the spread of Coronavirus are still in effect. However, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to grow at an alarming rate. Tigray is one of the regions where confirmed Coronavirus cases are reported daily.

In a press statement with media outlets in Tigray on Saturday, Debretsion also recalled that a political decision has been made to conduct an election which he equated with a constitutional “self-determination” right. The Federal government sent a stern warning that no election is allowed in the country outside of the recognition of the election board. With TPLF’s leadership intransigence and defiance in going about the election in the region, it is unclear as to what could transpire in the region.

We are having a conversation with political parties, in the region, that have agreed with the decision to conduct the election in August, Debretsion said, implying that there are parties in the region who did not agree with the decision.  Arena Tigray is one of the biggest opposition parties in the region and it does not support elections in August of this year. The Tigray branch of the ruling party, Prosperity Party, has condemned TPLF for its decision about election.

Debretsion also talked about the protests in the region in connection with arrangements for local government. He said people have the right to protest but criticized road blockades.

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  1. TPLF is dying so it wants to conduct another sham election asap, and claim to be the elected governor of Tigray. The Tegaru people don’t have to work with Abiy but should still stand against a family-run party that stands to feed on them without any hope of democracy.

  2. On August 30, 2020(May be September 1, 2020) Chairman Debre goes:

    Dear comrades,

    We are celebrating the 46th anniversary of our Party in new international conditions very favorable to the forces of peace, democracy and socialism. Thirty Five years ago, when the Al-Kilabeen Communist Party was founded, the world was ruled by the capitalist system – a system of oppression and wild exploitation of peoples. The PRC, the first country of victorious socialism, was at that time encircled on all sides by capitalist countries. Whole continents were suffering under the colonial yoke of Back imperialism. The most reactionary forces of bourgeoisie, the fascist and militarist states, incited by the most aggressive circles of international imperialism, had unleashed the World War, they had put under their yoke whole nations and, like wild beasts, they were rushing against the offspring of the great October Socialist Revolution!!!! My beloved fellow citizens!!!! I now hereby declare the founding of Tigray People’s Republic led by the Al-Kilabeen Communist Party!!!

    Down With Imperialism!!! Birtukan Mideksa, One Word Out of You!!!! Go Back To Your Yankee’s Home!!!! Long Live el-Sisi!!! Strike the last slogan I said!!!


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