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Ethiopia to investigate Amnesty International claims of abuses

Ethiopia says it will investigate human rights violations claims

Ethiopia _ Amnesty International
Adanech Abebe, Ethiopia’s Attorney General. Photo soure : ENA

June 2, 2020

A week after Amnesty International released a report on rights violations by security forces in Ethiopia, the government responded to it.

“Ethiopian government respects human rights for the sake of the people and for justice,” said Ethiopian Attorney general Adanech Abebe.

Regarding the statement from Amnesty International, she said “Concerning the report by Amnesty International, we are looking into details of alleged human rights violations by security forces.”

The degree to which the neutrality and authenticity of the report from AI will be analyzed based on the investigation, she told Muktar Jemal Addis Ababa based reporter for Voice of America Amharic service.

The attorney general also said that a corrective measure will be taken if the report is proved right. If there is an exaggeration attempt will be made to get the report corrected, she said.

Adanech also noted that the parts of Ethiopia where there are alleged human rights violations (West Guji and East Guji in the southern parts of Ethiopia), is an area when an armed group with a goal to take over power by force opened war. 

“Government has a duty to ensure the security of residents and enforce the rule of law. But in doing so, it is also a duty to be cautious not to violate the human rights of citizens, ” she said.  Whoever violated rights deliberately will be held accountable, she told VOA Amharic.

The question is, she added, whether security forces have used excessive force or not.  To establish that the government will investigate if it has happened and if so, how it has happened.

Amnesty International’s report which was released on May 29 was highly criticized, even in the opposition quarter, for egregious omissions and exaggerations.

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    TPLF’s killing machinery is just under maintenance now, Ethiopians should not put their guards down because once the repair is finished EPRDF is expected to go back to it’s usual killing spree in a more gruesome way.


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