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Police released identity of suspect linked to Haymanot Bedada death

Many tend to be skeptical of police narrative in the killings of Haymanot Bedada

Haymanot Bedada _suspect _ police report
Suspect in the killing of Haymanot Bedada. Police identified him as Degnet Worku

May 29, 2020 

Addis Ababa Police Commission on Friday released information about the identity of the man who is said to have killed Haymanot Bedada on May 25 at Tikur Anbessa Hospital Health College laboratory room.

Although the suspect was at large soon after committing the crime, the criminal investigation directorate coordinated with National Security and Information Services, and the police Commission crime unit, and captured the suspect in a day and a half, said Mengistu Tadesse who is Deputy inspector of homicide investigation unit.

According to the police report, which is shared on Addis Ababa Police Commission’s social media page, the suspect said that he had repeated access to Tikur Anbessa Hospital and bypassed security checkpoints with a mere claim that he has a research project.  The statement did not, however, say as to how many times the suspect was given access to the hospital.  The police report also said the suspect was only a 12th grader. It did not disclose the name of the suspect too.  However, the state media – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) – reported on Friday that the name of the suspect is Degnet Worku , in his twenties. 

Another point the suspect is said to have said is that “He never knew her [the victim] before.” Upon knowing that she was alone in the laboratory room, he said, he tried to rob her by threatening to kill her but in the ensuing movement she resisted him, and he killed her.

Police have released an image of the knife with which he killed her (it is not shared as it is too graphic with the bloodstain and the size of the knife)

A five thousand Ethiopian birr cheque, which was written in the name of the victim, is one of the items he took after committing the murder – according to the police.  What did he do with it? Police said he cashed it and it was not hard at all. He “convinced a Bajaj driver, Endalemaw Tarekegne, to cash the cheque saying he did not want to go inside the bank because of COVID 19.” The suspect signed on it pretending to be Haymanot Bedada, his victim. The transaction was completed at Kachama Branch of Awash Bank, police said.

However, the police report is triggering more questions rather than answering the questions that were lingering in the minds of those who are shocked by the tragedy -who killed Haymanot and why? 

The information that police shared on Facebook has shared thousands of times and thousands of comments are given. Some pointed out a discrepancy of date in the image of a cheque which was signed by the murderer. Others question how someone could kill a young lady who was studying in a laboratory just to rob a cheque worth $145 and a cell phone. Still, others question how the murder managed to get inside Tikur Anbesa Hospital with a kitchen knife when there is a checkpoint at the entrance.

Police believe, as indicated in the report, the lax checkpoint at the entrance of the hospital became due to COVID 19 and mal-functioning security cameras are the causes that led to the crime. Based on the EBC report, it appears that the security camera was not updated on the day he killed Haymant. It is unclear if police interrogated a staff from the security department in charge of the cameras. On the other hand, EBC reported that police interrogated 12 individuals who are said to be close to the victim. 

What is clear based on comments given under police update, thousands of Ethiopians are very skeptical of police explanation of the murder. Many seem to see that there is more into this murder and that police must dig deeper.

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