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Ethiopian religious leaders mobilizing for GERD dam

Inter religious council _ Ethiopian
Photo credit : FBC

May 26, 2020

Egypt has announced that it is willing to resume tripartite talk with Ethiopia on the filling and operation of the Ethiopian Dam. However, many Ethiopians seem to be skeptical of Egypt’s latest position.

Ethiopian inter-religious council leaders had a meeting regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on Tuesday.  The council is composed of all major religions in the country (Christianity, including protestant sects and Catholicism, and Islam).

The religious leaders called on the Ethiopian People to stand in unity towards the completion of the dam, as reported by Fana Broadcasting Corporation. 

Guardians of the Council had a press statement regarding the support needed for the dam.

“Without differences on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion, or political views, all Ethiopians should stand and work together towards the completion of the dam,” said the statement from the religious leaders.

They had also a message for the government of Ethiopia: “It needs to continue the negotiation with riparian countries peacefully and continue to defend the national interest.”

Furthermore, they said that the dam is a hope for the development and progress of Ethiopia.

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  1. O Boy!!! O Boy Egypt!!! Egypt has just woke up a napping giant!!! This is the worst thing it could have done to itself. O Egypt!!! What asininity by the self proclaimed leader of the Arab World!!! All religious groups standing firm behind GERD? The genie is now out of the bottle and all I can say is ‘Damn With the Noise From Al-Qahirah!!! Full Steam Ahead’!!!!!


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