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Ethiopia engaging the diplomatic community in Addis Ababa

Diplomatic community based in Addis Ababa reportedly get clarity about position of Ethiopia concerning GERD

Ethiopia _ diplomatic campaign
Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, Seleshi Bekele, briefing diplomats in Addis Ababa about Ethiopia’s dam. Photo credit : MFAE

May 21, 2020

As the tension between Ethiopia and Egypt escalates over the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the former is intensifying its diplomatic campaigns at home.

There are well over 100 diplomatic missions in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is the seat of the African Union. 

The seat of The Economic Commission for Africa is also in Addis Ababa.

This week, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia and the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Electricity briefed ambassadors based in Addis Ababa regarding the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

During the briefing, “Ethiopia’s commitment to equitably and reasonably utilize its water resources in line with accepted principles of ‘causing no significant harm’ as well as cooperation,” was stressed.  

Ethiopia believes that the dam project has economic and ecological benefits to the region. During the briefing, participating diplomats reportedly remarked on the importance of resolving “African problems through Africans.”

Egypt is interested in a negotiation mediated by the United States of America. Last week, Egypt lodged a complaint to the United Nations security council saying that Ethiopia is planning to fill the dam before reaching an agreement with Egypt.

On Tuesday this week, the spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary-general issued a statement in which it encouraged the three countries to resolve their differences in the spirit of the declaration of principle agreement which they signed in 2015.

Ethiopia has spent billions of dollars building Industrial parks in different parts of the country hoping to attract investment to the country in response to growing youth unemployment. For Ethiopia, increasing electric power generating potential is partly informed by the need to provide prospective industries with the power supply they need.

Moreover, over 65 percent of Ethiopia’s 110 million populations do not have access to electricity, and there seems to be a determination to change that reality by way of generating thousands of megawatts of electric power from GERD. However, Ethiopia has reaffirmed its commitment to lower riparian countries that their share of the water power will not be affected by Ethiopia’s survival dam project.

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  1. I believe the reason why the AU and the other riparian chose to remain quiet about the ‘impasse’ over GERD is quite simple for me to contemplate: They are sitting there seething at Egypt’s behavior. It is the calm before the storm. Just one drone out of you, just one F16 whizzing by out of you!!! That is what they are saying!!! Djibouti and Somalia’s going along with the Arab League’s so called declaration is something they did for lack of choice. They must have the petro dollar keep flowing into their coffers. It’s a ploy. It doesn’t bother me at all.

  2. There is news today that Egypt has decided to pursue the negotiation process with the old country and The Sudan included. Hey you!! You!! Who you laughing at? One word outta you about Egypt, just one word!!!! A roaring welcome back applaud to Egypt now!!!!!


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