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Mekelle police shot dead a young man, wounded two others

Police who shot and killed a young man for violation of Coronavirus state of emergency in Northern Ethiopia is reportedly in custody

Mekelle _ police
TPLF 45th anniversary celebration in Mekelle in February 2020. Photo credit : Tigray Communications Affairs Bureau

May 19, 2020

In what is said to be a Coronavirus state of emergency measure, Mekelle police shot dead one young man and wounded two others on Sunday.

It happened around 3: 00 o’clock in Semen sub-city (also known as 05 kebele).  According to the DW Amharic report on Monday, a group of young men who are said to be in their mid-twenties were relaxing together.

Commander Hadush Hidug of Semen sub-city police division, told state media (ENA) that the youth were ten in number.

Police tried to disperse them, in an attempt to implement Tigray regional state emergency measures, but the situation escalated to confrontation – seemingly.

It was then that police, who are said to be under investigation, shot and killed one of the young men and wounded two others. Those who sustained wounds are currently at Hayder Hospital in Mekelle.

They were shot at a close distance.

The victim is identified as Sisay Kiros, twenty-four years of age, and a young parent (survived by his daughter and his wife).  He was self-employed and a breadwinner for his family.

One of the young men who sustained a wound is said to be in the Intensive Care Unit of Hayder hospital but it is unclear if the condition of the other one is life-threatening.  

Abraham Gebremichael was with the young man who was gunned down by Mekelle police. “What happened yesterday was shocking…It is unthinkable,” he told DW Amharic reporter. 

He also said that they were sitting maintaining a safe distance from one another.

DW Amharic reporter from Mekelle has reported that the killing has angered many. This is the latest string of killings in the region since the declaration of state of emergency.

Tigray region Prosperity Party said the killing of young men who can not defend themselves and the excessive use of force has to be condemned.

“We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the Tigraway youth who lost his life with a bullet fired from security forces,” said Prosperity Party.  

The party also condemned said that the killing is unjustifiable and unacceptable.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ethnic Tigray organization that is governing the region, is pursuing the same policy that failed the party and cost it dearly in the Federal government, say, political commentators.

The party runs into another fall out with the Federal government over the general election.

TPLF has declared a stern state of emergency allegedly to fight against the spread of Coronavirus disease. Paradoxically, the party insists on organizing elections in the region when the Coronavirus situation is not showing signs of improvement. Recently, the Ministry of Health is reporting a double-digit figure rate of infection daily.

Tigray is one of the regions in the country where there are Coronavirus patients.

TPLF administration has been facing accusations of pervasive of Human Rights violation , especially against opposition voices,in Tigray region

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  1. We heard the arrest of the police but for sure we will not year the final deliberations or as usual we will not hear when the police get released . As always they will get released through the back door while noone is watching .


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