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Ethiopia Coronavirus: highest number of cases reported, 352

Ethiopia Coronavirus update on May 18, 2020

Ethiopia Coronavirus _ Ethiopia
Dr. Lia Tadesse, Ethiopia’s Minister for Health. File/ENA

May 18, 2020

Tested people over the past twenty-four hours: 1775
New confirmed cases: 35
Total confirmed cases: 352
Active cases: 229
New cases of recovery: 3
Total registered recovery: 116
Reported death so far: 5
Total number of tested people so far: 59,029

17 of the new patients are men while the remaining 18 are female and all the new patients are Ethiopians. Their ages range between 15 and 80 years.

According to the report from the Ministry of Health on Monday, only six of the latest confirmed coronavirus patients had a recent travel history. Twenty-four new patients had contact with Coronavirus infected persons.

As was the case in the past few weeks, there are also new patients neither with a recent travel history nor contact with infected persons. And they are five, based on report number 67 of the Ministry of Health.

In terms of geographical distribution, twenty-nine of the newly confirmed patients are from the capital Addis Ababa, four are from the Somali region of Ethiopia, one from Amhara region of Ethiopia, and one from Oromo region of Ethiopia.

One person who is said to have a travel history is a cross-country truck driver. Most of the cases confirmed in the Somali region of Ethiopia had a travel history to Somalia – one of the highly affected countries in the region.

On the other hand, Eritrea has declared last week that all the 39 Coronavirus patients in the country have fully recovered, and this week a random test is launched in the country, according to a report by an Eritrean News source in social media.

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  1. The 352 number does not worry me too much yet. What worry me a lot are the 5 positives with no contact with confirmed infected people or travel history. It means they are either not leveling with the officials or there are those who are not caught yet but carriers of the deadly virus roaming freely among the citizens. We have to closely watch the numbers in the coming two weeks or so. If there are too many carriers of the pathogen walking around without being caught so far, then the numbers are going to explode. I hope not and pray for not!!!

  2. Meanwhile, I would like to give a shout out to our dearest neighbors, the noble people of Eritrea. Congratulations for stopping the deadly virus in its tracks. You should be commended for that and your success should have been applauded by the world at large. My sincere kudos to the industrious and upright people Eritrea!!!!

  3. The one being pummeled by the pandemic in that hood is the country of Djibouti. Total cases had jumped by 117 new cases just in one day yesterday and with 3 new deaths. But the recovery rate is not alarming or something to celebrate about at around 68%. I took a peek at the weather online and it shows the hot and suffocating season is on for the next 3-4 months. I am not sure if air condition is widely available. Just imagine having the high fever from the virus in oven hot homes. I hope that country is getting a huge assistance from big powers it has given its land for their military bases. In such scorching weather patients will die agonizing deaths. They are our dearest neighbors too. .


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