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Election Board rescind recognition of 27 political parties

Ethiopia’s election board says they failed to submit document as part of the requirement in the new regulation. Parties yet to respond.

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May 15, 2020 

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced on Friday that it has rescinded recognition of 27 opposition political parties.

The decision is made over what the board calls a “new requirement” that parties have to fulfill to be recognized as a legitimate political party.

“The election board notified 106 parties that were certified with the old regulation to fulfill criteria that are stipulated under the new regulation until March 12, 2020. Of the 106 parties who received a notification letter from the election board, only 76 have submitted documents,” said the statement that the election board released on social media.

The election board is one of the institutions that went through a reform process after Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in April 2018.

The Board claims that it examines documents submitted by 76 parties to establish if the parties fulfilled the new criteria, including the number of founding members – names and signatures if changes of regulations and general assembly documents are attached – among other things.

On the other hand, the Board says that 27 parties have not submitted the required document, and they are no longer recognized as political parties in the country.

According to NEBE, Thirteen of the parties requested an extension of the Electoral Board’s deadline, and 14 parties have not entirely submitted the required documents.

The parties led by a notable figure in the current Ethiopian political landscape, like Yilkal Getnet, have lost their certification as a result of the NEBE decision.

Meanwhile, the election board is anticipated to make a decision against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) over the latter’s decision to go ahead with organizing elections in Tigray region without the recognition of the election board. But that is something that would involve the Federal government as well.  

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  1. 106 political parties? I think I am tempted to found my own political parties like:

    1) I Don’t Like PM Abiy Cuz He Always Look At Me Every Time He Talks National Party
    2) Black Maned Lion Liberation Front Party
    3) Western Hararghe Reincarnation Right Now Party
    4) Western Hararghe Republican Revolutionary Party
    5) I Don’t Wanna Work But I Wanna Get Paid Economic Liberation Party
    6) GERD Is My Dam Because It Is Mine Salvation Progressive Party
    7) Rents R Tu Damm High Liberation Army Party
    8) It Is My Turn To Dip My Ten Fingers In The Nation’s Coffers Renaissance Party
    9) I Don’t Care About Birtukan’s Election Board Cuz I Said So Social Democratic Alliance

    Phew!!!! I am not done yet. I will have 10 more parties everyday for the next 30 days. So how about that!!!! I think the one in Nos. 2 and 8 have the best chance to win the next election in a landslide. Eat your hearts out Birtukan and Abiy!!!

  2. Engineer Yilkal Getnet can form a new party if he wants . He is not wanted for crimes as Prosperity Party officials are . The honorable Engineer Yilkal Getnet should learn from EZEMA , Baldera and alike on how to tap in to his supporters assistance in the Diaspora and form a new political party . The Prosperity electoral board only lets those parties that bring in foreign currency donations remain , to stay in the arena parties are evaluated by on how much funds they can raise from the diasporas .

    • Demekech

      You are right EPRDF PP always by any means necessary made sure the sincere Engineer Yilkal Getnet does not get support from the diaspora .
      They know he got local support so they donot want him to get diasporas support , because then his party will become unbeatable and they couldn’t beat him easily as they did now by taking away his certificate, it is obvious he got so many records on the EPRDF PP criminal activities including this recent one that got his party expelled by the “electoral board ” so he is going to need a petition and other strong show of support to make sure he is in the arena . ›
      Ethiopia bars opposition leader from traveling to US – Ethiomedia

  3. We Ethiopians are fools . We fought for Meles against Isayas , for what? Both were equally against the majority of Ethiopians.

    Now we again foolishly might fight choosing one out of Abiy and Jawar, while both Jawar and Abiy are equally against the majority of Ethiopians. We are not only fools but also insane if we keep getting fooled repeatedly.

    Let’s keep in mind doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results , is the official definition of insanity.

    “በቀጣዩ ምርጫ ብልጽግና የማሸነፍ ዕድል የለውም” -አቶ ልደቱ አያሌው-በቀጣዩ-ምርጫ-ብልጽግና-የማሸነፍ-ዕድል-የ/

  4. Here are the new ones I founded since yesterday.

    1) Deport Abiy and Birtukan Cuz Zey-ar-Puerto Ricans Defense League Party
    2) Ethiopia Out of Ethiopia Liberation Front Party
    3) I Must Be The PM ASAP Demolition Party
    4) I Had Made Poison Sick Indomitable Party
    5) Colobus Monkey Protection Democratic Alliance

    Every one of these and those I announced have held their founding congresses with 3,000 members attending the Millennia Hall in designated location somewhere. Their total membership is more than 65 million citizens. I will be the de facto Prime Minister. Debre of the TPLF-Hijacked has given the green light for my decision.


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