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Ethiopia Coronavirus case: 263, 108 recovery

Coronavirus _ Ethiopia
Coronavirus update May 13. Infographics : MoH

May 13, 2020

Ethiopia has tested 2650 suspected people for coronavirus over the past twenty-four hours, and two persons have reportedly tested positive for the pandemic.

With the latest addition, the total confirmed Coronavirus case has reached 263.

In terms of recovery, two more people have recovered over the last twenty-four hours which makes the total registered recovery 108. So far only five people have died from the pandemic and no new death is reported.

The two latest patients had a recent travel history. One of them was in a quarantine center in Tigray while the other one was in Jijiga Isolation.

Ethiopia has so far tested 41,698 suspected across the country.

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  1. The recovery rate is still encouraging and it will go nowhere but up. The confirmed cases out of the total tested are also something to hope for. We should all hope and pray that the rate of infection is real and represents the entire country. 263 positive diagnoses out of close to 42,000 tests are still extremely low. What this virus has proven to us all is it is somewhat unpredictable. It is driving best of the best experts nuts with its behavior. When some countries thought the graph is trending flat then boom, in your face!!! Hundreds even thousands of new cases!!! When they thought recovered patients are free of the pathogen, they are now catching them to be infectious 50 days after. I hope the officials and the people of the old country will not be deceived by this demon to let their guard down. Scientists in the field are going ape with the behavior of this deadly virus. It is telling us that it is going nowhere, at least for a foreseeable future.


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