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South Korea chips in to help Ethiopia fight COVID 19

The Republic of South Korea vows to continue to support Ethiopia in the fight against Coronavirus

South Korea _ Ethiopia _ Coronavirus
South Korean companies making donations to support Ethiopia’s fight against Coronavirus. Photo credit : ENA

May 12, 2020

Ethiopia has got about 1.8 million birr donations from South Korea to help the effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus in the country, as reported by state media-Ethiopian News Agency.

Some South Korean companies have joined their government in making donations to Ethiopia; most of the donations came in the form of medical supplies including facemask and sanitizers.

Kotra, LG, and Daewoo E&C are some of the companies that joined their government in COVID 19 prevention donation to Ethiopia. 28,033 test kits, 150,400 face masks and sanitizers worth 60,000 US dollars are among the donations based on the report by Ethiopian News Agency.

Hoonmin Lim, South Korean Ambassador is cited as saying “The government of the Republic of Korea will cooperate with Ethiopia in the fight against Coronavirus.”

He also said that Korea will share its experience in fighting the coronavirus disease.  At the end of March 2020, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hailed South Korea for successfully containing the COVID 19 pandemic. 

He tweeted: “The #RepublicofKorea is an example of successful #COVID19 containment. I spoke with President Moon Jae-In @TheBlueHouseEng on lessons learnt that #Ethiopia can adapt & how the Republic of Korea can support in the provision of essential medical supplies required at this juncture.”

Noting that the government of Korea is a partner in other programs in the health sector, Dr. Lia Tadesse (Ethiopia’s Minister for Health) said that the support from Korea will foster COVID 19 prevention activities in the country.

The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1963. Ethiopia had participated during the Korean War in the 1950s on the side of South Korea by sending thousands of Ethiopian Troops, and about 120 were killed and over 500 wounded.

Ethiopia was the only African country to send troops to South Korea as most of the African countries were under the yoke of colonialism.

Ethiopia has so far confirmed 261 COVID 19 cases. As of May 12, the number of registered death in the country is only five and no patent in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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