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Ethiopia launches door-to-door screening again as COVID 19 case spikes

Second round of door-to-door screening in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is to be conducted differently

door-to-door screening _ Ethiopia
Door-to-door screening in Addis Ababa. Photo credit : ENA

May 12, 2020

Following a week of spikes in the number of COVID patients in the country mostly in the capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia launched the second round of door-to-door screening. The number of confirmed cases for the most part of the last two years was a single-digit. 

Based on a report from state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), the ministry of health believes that door-to-door screening is useful in two ways. It helps create awareness about the virus at the time when omens of being lax towards practicing safety measures are being observed. It is also useful to exchange information to help the effort to arrest the spread of the virus.

It is to be recalled that some of the latest confirmed COVID 19 patients from the capital Addis Ababa do not have a history of recent travel or contact with an infected person.

Mulugeta Endale (MD) is head of the Addis Ababa City Health office. He is cited as saying that the office intends to fill gaps observed during the first round of door-to-door screening. 

Some residents were not reportedly cooperative for the screening and avoided the screening either by not being at home when the health workers were coming to their places.  It is, however, unclear how the City’s health office is planning to fill those gaps.

According to the FBC report, about 3.1 million residents of Addis Ababa were screened during the first round of the program, and 971 suspected cases were identified. But the number of confirmed cases was only one.

The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus disease in the country has reached 261. So far, only five people have lost the battle against Coronavirus disease.

The first door-to-door screening was conducted in early April,2020.

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  1. I am not sure if we can call these new cases as terrifyingly spikes. The more tests are conducted the more new cases will be identified. That could be a blessing in a sense that now the health officials know who has it and proceed in confining them from the public reaches. The percentage of confirmed case to the total number of people tested is still extremely low at less than one half of a percent. Most western and Asian countries have this between 5-15%. Look at countries like Brazil where a quarter of all those tested have been found to be infected by the virus and just recently it was at 50%. The recovery rate in the old country is around 40% which also is encouraging. I hope that will go but up. I hope and pray that the coming cold and wet season will play part in stemming the spread of this deadly pandemic. I am counting on the possibility that people will be hindered from traveling and tied up tending their farms. I am getting conflicting opinions from various experts that humid climate will help slow down the spread. I am not sure Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore would buy into that. Let’s continue heeding the experts’ protocols and throwing ourselves down at the feet of The Almighty Our Creator Pleading For Mercy and Blessings!!!

  2. Ethiopia, Bangladesh , Uganda , Indonesia , India , Brazil are expected to have the highest child mortality rates due to lack of children vaccinations health care services . In worst case scenarios where about six thousand children each day are projected to die due to the usual child birth health care interruptions caused by poverty and Covid-19 PER UNICEF

    Unicef: 6,000 children could die every day due to impact of coronavirus
    5 hours ago

  3. We are doomed! It is all lie! Corona virus is hoax! They want your dna to eliminate you, morons. The country is weak so the government is just abiding by world gang trying to control society. These gangs when they are rejected, they will flatten Ethiopia to take over Abay and live in the country taking over the country just like South Africa, mark my word

    • aye

      Each person got different DNAs . Even identical twins donot have identical DNAs . No two people got the same DNAs. So I don’t see why “they” would resort to create a CoronaVirus hoax to collect one hundred million+ Ethiopian DNAs as you claimed it happened . Even if they get the DNAs What they could do with the DNAs to jeopardize Ethiopia’s sovereignty is not clear to me.Right now we are hearing Sudanese soldiers invaded Ethiopia so I see that as an act of aggression rather than considering health workers fighting Coronavirus actions as an act of aggression .

      Actually in Ethiopia where all foreigner refugees are given automatically the work permit upon entering Ethiopia I don’t know if Ethiopians DNA or foreigner refugees DNA is distinguished.

      To get Ethiopians DNA “they” got millions of Ethiopian diasporas they can get it from residing worldwide so why you assumed they created these Coronavirus hoax is beyond me , Also many hundreds of Ethiopian diasporas have lost their lives worldwide because of Coronavirus so we should know Coronavirus is not a hoax but a real disease killing People and creating so many problems with diaspora essential workers and Diaspora frontline health workers are daily paying the ultimate sacrifices to fight CoronaVirus , so we all should know CORONAVIRUS IS NOT A HOAX . WE NEED TO REMEMBER DECADES AGO WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE WHO CLAIMED HIV WAS A HOAX .


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