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Eritrean Chief of staff, General Filipos Weldeyohanes, reportedly visited Ethiopia

General Filipos Weldeyohanes _ Eritrean Chief of staff
Eritrean Chief of staff and Defense Minister, General Filipos Weldeyohanes. Photo : from Tesfa News Net twitter page

May 9, 2020

Eritrean Chief of staff and Defense Minister, General Filipos Weldeyohanes, reportedly visited Ethiopia days after Eritrean President Isayas Afeworki returned to his country after two days of an official working visit amid Coronavirus state of emergency in Ethiopia.

The business of his visit is said to be of “mutual concern” for both countries, according to Eritrean News sources.

Ethiopian State media have not covered the story.

After ending well over two decades of state of war, Ethiopia and Eritrea have been holding a series of bilateral consultations to elevate bilateral ties and cooperation on a range of issues including regional security.

The Eritrean President has visited Ethiopia about five times since July 2018.

Cover photo credit: Tesfa News Net, Eritrean News Source

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  1. General Philipos is the worst General Eritrea ever had . He is guilty of ordering so many tortures and killings of Eritreans. We need him to stay away from Eritrea , lock him up.

  2. This is really bad news for those who are longing for a 2nd round of jumping the boat. This officer is in Addis/Finfine to tell you those who may be thinking marching into Asmara for a 2nd round ‘liberation’ struggle a la remote control that the balconies in his city are all slam closed in your face now. No more scavenging at the dumpsites there. Your only chance hopping into Al-Qahirah and do your usual thing over there; lick el-Sisi’s stinking boots.

      • Dear Editors:

        Would you please rein in with this eyal-al-souq above? The way he uses rude words shows he/she is not a product of our glorious culture. He/she should better stay tending his/her own insurmountable affairs. Borkena should be a platform where those who are proud of being the products of those cultured people they call themselves Ethiopians. It should not be left to be a playground for loose lipped ill-bred elements.

  3. Eritrean activists sue European Union ( EU )
    for funding roads built with ‘forced labour’



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