Ethiopia Coronavirus case continues to surge, total 210

One more patient has lost the battle to Coronavirus. Sixteen new cases confirmed ; 13 of them in the capital Addis Ababa.

May 9, 2020

After nearly two months of a rather slow rate of spread, Coronavirus infection rate is showing a remarkable increase in Ethiopia – one of the most populated countries in Africa.

The Ministry of Health reported that 16 more new cases have been confirmed over the past twenty-four hours after 2383 people were tested in the designated testing centers across the country.

What is alarming is that 13 of the new cases do not have a travel history. However, the Ministry of Health reported that they had exposure to COVID 19 infected persons. Two of the new cases have a recent travel history, and one patient had both a travel history and exposure to an infected person.

13 of the patients are from Addis Ababa -a city that is said to have nearly five million residents and a city where social distancing measures proved to be difficult for reasons of economic activity and culture.

One patient is in Woldia town- Amhara regional state. And two patients are in Southern Ethiopia – specifically Butajira and Wolaita Soda towns.

In terms of gender, the Ministry of Health Data shows that 9 are females and 7 are males. 

The total confirmed case in the country has now reached 210. 106 patients are currently getting treatments in the designated centers across the country and no patient is reported to be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). On the other hand the number of registered deaths reached five after one patient died on Saturday.

The Ministry of Health also disclosed that two patients reportedly recovered from the treatment centers in the capital Addis Ababa. The total case of recovery in the country, as of May 9, is 97.

So far Ethiopia has tested a total of 32,689 suspected coronavirus cases.

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