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Ethiopia admitted its troops shot down the plane in Somalia: Aljazeera

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May 9, 2020

A report by Aljazeera on Saturday said Ethiopia admitted that its troops who were on duty “protecting a camp in the town of Bardale” shot down Kenyan Cargo plane – operated by African Express.

According to the report, the Ethiopian army has sent a statement to the African Union (AU). However, the African Union has not published a statement or a report about the statement.

The Ethiopian army is cited as saying, in the statement, “The Ethiopian soldiers mistakenly believed the plane was on a “potential suicide mission” because they had not been informed about the “unusual flight” and the aircraft was flying low,” as reported by Aljazeera.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has not yet issued an official statement admitting that Ethiopian troops shot down the plane.

On May 6, 2020, the Ministry issued a statement expressing condolences to Kenya and Somalia who lost their six citizens in connection with the accident.

Kenya and Somalia were jointly investigating the plane crash.  Most Ethiopians seem to be skeptical of the incident as there are all sorts of conspiracies and anticipate that Ethiopia will launch an investigation in the army unit that was in charge of providing security in the town of Bardale, Somalia.

The plane was reportedly carrying medical supplies to Somalia.

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  1. Arabs and Egypt should know that it will cost them dearly if they try to send their planes to attack GERD , Ethiopian defense forces are monitoring the airspace all throughout the hundreds of miles radius around GERD. Every suspicious flying object be it a drone or even a plane is monitored by the Satellite Ethiopia got in space.

    • Ditto here!!!! What I would like to add is a reminder to all those that armed those sugar drunk adventurists in Al-Qahirah to the teeth for no justifiable reasons that they have the utmost responsibility to constraint their client. No American or French made fighter jets and long range missiles should never be allowed to cause damage to the lives and Allah given properties of those international law abiding black folks or even go there whizzing by. Never and ever!!!


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