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Ethiopia:As demolition continues in Addis dozens reduced to homelessness

As Ethiopia is fighting COVID 19 amid heated political controversies over the fate of the next general election, Addis Ababa City reportedly continued demolition of houses in the heart of the capital

Addis Abaaba _ demolition
Sadiya, whose house was reportedly demolished in Addis Ababa. Photo credit : Eskinder Nega Twitter page

May 8, 2020

The Addis Ababa City administration reportedly continued to demolish houses – and hundreds are reduced to homelessness.

Balderas Council For Genuine Democracy leader, Eskinder Nega, tweeted on Thursday that City authorities have been demolishing houses in the vicinity of Addis Ababa Post office – which is close by to the heart of the city.

The demolition task force was operating overnight.

In a video clip circulating on social media purportedly showing victims of the demolition on Thursday night, elderly woman who identified herself as Sadiya Mohammed said, with tears, “they demolished my house and left me on the streets.

Eskinder Nega said that police did try not to allow Sadiya Mohammed not to speak to Balderas leaders, based on a twitter message he shared on Friday, May 8, 2020.

Addis Ababa City Administration has apparently ignored the allegation as no statement is issued at this writing.

On May 4, acting Mayor, Takele Uma, took religious leaders in the city to a tour of construction projects in the city days after the Ethiopian Church made complaints that the city administration demolished Meskel Square, a land that the church owns and uses for various religious festivals.

The mayor had a meeting after the tour with the religious leaders after the tour. He told them that beautifying the city can not be achieved without “doing justice” to its residents.

In late April, the city administration “…demolished dozens of homes belonging to day laborers over the past three weeks, rendering at least 1,000 people homeless amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Amnesty International said today,” as reported by Amnesty International.

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  1. The Addis Ababa people are so selfish, they got no care for lives of human beings . If these happened in other parts of Ethiopia all people would gladly open their door for these hundreds of displaced people right away, it would not have made news.

    There is no other city , town , village or state in Ethiopia that would let these people spend a single night outside, but in Addis Ababa where millions of “Ethiopian” people reside these hundreds of people are outside which is so unEthiopian.

    This recent demolition showed to all of us Ethiopians in other areas of Ethiopia it doesn’t matter if Oromia owns Addis Ababa or some other region owns Addis Ababa, but it is a must for Addis Ababa to be owned by another ethnic region to bring some sort of Ethiopian culture back to Addis Ababa because right now we are seeing proof that there is not even few Ethiopian culture left in the city.

    It almost feels like Addis Ababa is a place where not a single Ethiopian lives in , but in reality there are millions of people , so it is imperative that one region preferably Oromia due to geographic proximity administers Addis Ababa with people of Addis Ababa required to speak Afan Oromo and practice the Oromo culture starting from an early age because right now amongst the Addis Ababa people there is not a single Ethiopian culture.

    • Are you forgetting the responsibility and ethnicity of the unelected PM and Mayor who are concertly and actively deciding to make those citizen homeless in the shadows… while publicly recommending everyone else to stay home to protect from Covid?
      The hypocrisy!
      Both yours and theirs is the kind of poor reasoning that makes Oromos appear nonsensical.
      At least, make an effort to disguise your thirst for looting in your turn. But not under the guise of culture and nationalism.

  2. Eskinder Nega goes back and forth to jail it is starting to seem he works at the jail house. Today Eskinder Nega got arrested for the second time in less than a month’s time.

    Borkena › 2020/04/25 › ethiopian-g…
    Web results
    Ethiopian gov’t arrested Eskinder Nega for hours in the capital Addis … – Borkena

  3. There are at least three million people in Ethiopia that had been displaced internally from their homes in the past two years alone, which is a shockingly high number considering Ethiopia is the second top destination for refugees from other neighboring countries , Ethiopia hosts the second largest numbers of foreigners refugees in Africa right after Uganda , the country with the highest number of foreigner refugees in Africa.

    Last year Ethiopia gave work permits to all foreigner refugees from other countries who are in Ethiopia because the Ethiopian economic policy advisors concluded that much more workforce is needed to boost the Ethiopian economy.

    Now during the current Covid-19 crisis, the foreigner refugees who lost their jobs in Ethiopia are entitled to reside in the United Nations refugee camps within Ethiopia but these displaced people we read about in the article above are being displaced on the basis of their ethnicity , subjected to much worst conditions than their coworkers foreigner refugees in Ethiopia who were working side by side amongst them a short while ago which is encouraging more foreign migration amongst Ethiopians to save their lives by looking for UN refugee camps in these times of uncertainty.

    Reuters › article › ethiopia-allo…
    Ethiopia allows almost 1 million refugees to leave camps and work – Reuters

    Double Standards: Ethiopia Must Solve its Internal Displacement Crisis
    The Globe Post . Jan ’20


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