Ethiopia:As demolition continues in Addis dozens reduced to homelessness

As Ethiopia is fighting COVID 19 amid heated political controversies over the fate of the next general election, Addis Ababa City reportedly continued demolition of houses in the heart of the capital

Addis Abaaba _ demolition
Sadiya, whose house was reportedly demolished in Addis Ababa. Photo credit : Eskinder Nega Twitter page

May 8, 2020

The Addis Ababa City administration reportedly continued to demolish houses – and hundreds are reduced to homelessness.

Balderas Council For Genuine Democracy leader, Eskinder Nega, tweeted on Thursday that City authorities have been demolishing houses in the vicinity of Addis Ababa Post office – which is close by to the heart of the city.

The demolition task force was operating overnight.

In a video clip circulating on social media purportedly showing victims of the demolition on Thursday night, elderly woman who identified herself as Sadiya Mohammed said, with tears, “they demolished my house and left me on the streets.

Eskinder Nega said that police did try not to allow Sadiya Mohammed not to speak to Balderas leaders, based on a twitter message he shared on Friday, May 8, 2020.

Addis Ababa City Administration has apparently ignored the allegation as no statement is issued at this writing.

On May 4, acting Mayor, Takele Uma, took religious leaders in the city to a tour of construction projects in the city days after the Ethiopian Church made complaints that the city administration demolished Meskel Square, a land that the church owns and uses for various religious festivals.

The mayor had a meeting after the tour with the religious leaders after the tour. He told them that beautifying the city can not be achieved without “doing justiceā€ to its residents.

In late April, the city administration “…demolished dozens of homes belonging to day laborers over the past three weeks, rendering at least 1,000 people homeless amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Amnesty International said today,” as reported by Amnesty International.

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