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Ethiopian Diaspora donated more than 100 million birr

Ethiopian Diaspora _
Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew handing over Cheque to Bertukan Ayano. Photo credit : MFAE

May 6, 2020 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that it has collected more than 100 million birr from Ethiopian Diaspora to help the effort to prevent the spread of COVID19. 

Based on news updates from the Ministry, the sub-committee of the National COVID-19 resource mobilization has played a coordination role via Ethiopian diplomatic missions in different countries.

The stated amount is collected in cash and medical supplies from Ethiopians living abroad and Foreign Organizations. 

Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia have also been donating via other channels, while supporting families, by donating on the GoFundMe account, affected by the Coronavirus Disease.

Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund which was established over a year ago announced on Monday that it has 1.173 million US dollars worth of protective devices and equipment to support frontline health workers. According to EDTF, the decision to procure the devices was made following a discussion with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health. 

Global Alliance For the Rights of Ethiopians, another not-for-profit Ethiopian organization in the Diaspora, is also raising funds on the GoFundMe platform to help Ethiopia mitigate COVID 19 pandemic. So far it has collected about the US $824,220

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  1. Please turn some of the hotels permanently into hospitals .

    In Ethiopia hotels breed diseases , khat addiction and alcoholism among many other societal problems. The less hotels and the more hospitals the better for the Ethiopian people.

  2. This is something we all should be doing. We should never forget(I know we don’t) those proud and glorious people we left behind. They are dire strait where majority of them have to fend for themselves. Thank Almighty that is in their DNA. They know how to huddle and hold hands in wading thru tough times. They are law abiding people who don’t expect government handouts even though they are diligent in pay their taxes. But we, their products are extremely fortunate not to live thru their nightmares. We have many red pennies in our pockets. Let’s tell them we have their backs. Allah’s Blessing Will Be Upon Us for that!!! Let’s do this!!!!!


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