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Ethiopia reports fourth death from Coronavirus disease, Sixteen recovery

No report from Ethiopia ‘s ministry of health in the past few days, at least, indicated a Coronavirus patient in the Intensive Care Unit

Coronavirus _ Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s Coronavirus status update on May 5. Infographic : MoH

May 5, 2020

The Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday that five more people have tested positive after a laboratory examination over the past twenty-four hours. 1047 people were tested during the stated time.

Two of the new patients had a travel history to Djibouti and were in a mandatory quarantine center in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Three of them do not have a travel history. One of the patients with no travel history is identified as a 75 years old woman and a resident of Addis Ababa. The ministry has not yet determined if she had exposure to COVID 19 infected persons.

Two new patients with no travel history did not also have contact with an infected person, according to the Ministry of Health.

In terms of geographical distraction, two patients are in the Afar region, two in Addis Ababa, and one patient from Batu, in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

Data from the Ministry indicates that the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases has become 145.

16 patients have fully recovered which makes the total case of recovery to 91.  Unfortunately, the report also shows that one more patient has died from the disease.

From the reports in the past few days, it was indicated that there was no patient in the Intensive Care Unit. The update released by the Ministry on Tuesday undisclosed the identity of the person who lost the battle with COVID 19.

Currently, there are forty-eight patients in the designated treatment centers across the country. And no patient is reported to be in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ethiopia has so far tested a total of 23,135 suspected cases across the country.

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