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Donald Trump to help Ecuador,Ethiopia with Ventilators

Ventilators _ Donald Trump _ Ethiopia
Photo from Donald Trump twitter account. (resized)


April 25, 2020 

A day after pledging ventilators to Lenin Moreno, the president of Ecuador,  US President Donald Trump disclosed that he had a conversation with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He said his country is in a position to help Ethiopia with ventilators. 

“Just spoke to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. His Country needs Ventilators, and the U.S. is in good position to help him. We will!,”  Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday. 

Earlier, Trump tweeted about adequate ventilators production in his country. 

“It is a wonderful feeling to know that our States are loaded up with Ventilators, many brand new and high quality just off of our production lines, and that we are now in a position to help other countries that so desperately need them. Every person needing a Ventilator got one!” 

Whether he is intending to donate them to Ethiopia for free or sell it to Ethiopia is unclear. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed that he had a phone conversation with the US president. He called his conversation “encouraging.” 

“Encouraging phone call with @realDonaldTrump reconfirming continued US-Ethiopia relations. Appreciate the commitment of support to #COVID19 prevention and mitigation efforts as well as on desert locust control,” he tweeted. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been reaching out to leaders of different countries soliciting support for the fight against the spread of Coronavirus disease in Ethiopia. 

Among others, he had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Japanese prime minister, Shinzō Abe. 

As well, he had several virtual meetings with leaders of several African countries on ways to coordinate the response to the  Coronavirus pandemic. 

This month, he asked for a 150 billion dollars aid package to Africa from the G-20 to ease the economic impacts of the Coronavirus disease. 

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  2. Thank you President Trump and the ever generous US citizens. Until the day comes when countries such as Ethiopia successfully pull themselves out of abject wretchedness any critical assistance should always be appreciated. Ventilators are not just simple widgets that can be easily replicated en masse in developing countries and they save lives. Thank you sir!!!

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