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Ethiopian gov’t arrested Eskinder Nega for hours in the capital Addis Ababa

Eskinder Nega reportedly released in the evening after locked up in a police station for several hours, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa

Eskinder nega _ Balderas for Genuine Democracy Party
Eskinder Nega, leader of Balderas for Genuine Democracy Party. Photo credit : MerejaTV

April 25, 2020

Reports from Ethiopia indicate that Eskinder Nega was arrested on Saturday in the capital Addis Ababa. 

BBC Amharic Service cited a member of  Balderas for Genuine Democracy Party, a party whose leader is Eskinder Nega, to report that police arrested Eskinder on alleged grounds of violations of the state of emergency legislation that was declared to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease. 

Demolition of houses was underway in Kolfe Keraneo sub-city of  Addis Ababa while the media, state media, or otherwise, was dominated by Coronavirus disease and government mobilization to respond to the disease. 

BBC Amharic service reported on Saturday Eskinder was arrested in connection with that but the source said that it could not establish what exactly was the violation of the law.  

As it turns out, Eskinder is released hours after he was detained in a police station. He was released around 9 p.m. local time. 

News of his arrest triggered outrage in social media against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

“We are the voice for our people and the people are a voice for us. The people liberated us,”  said Eskinder Nega as cited by Balderas Council. 

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  1. The Ethiopian society needs to adopt an individualistic culture. Let’s take Edkinder as an example he is one person but since he got herds following him to a destination even he has no clue about with no roadmap available for himself or his herd since he is in deep trouble with no election in sight . Eskindet Nega fought criticized Meles Zenawi when Debebe Eshetu was arrested since both Debebe Eshetu and Eskimder Nega had same years old friends sons, so Debebe Eshetu got released but Eskinder Nega was thrown in prison instead by Meles Zenawi until Abiy Ahmed freed rescued him. Now Eskinder says the people free him not Abiy which is conflicting to what he said Edkinder is starting to forget . Sleeping with two wives is not new for many who grew up fighting as woyane rebels. That’s what EPRDF rebels seen in Sudan. Woyanes and Shabiyas were swingers until 1991. Abiy Ahmed was the rebels slave sex toy who picked up his Tigrigna language skills in notime when he joined EPRDF rebel fighters. Abiy Ahmed was also the jigilo of the sodomites, he was seen in the gay pride parade in Addis Ababa during the Meles Zenawi’s time ,which he later defended saying he was there as an undercover spy to insure the security of the bisexuals who were exhibiting their prides in the parade.

    So if Abiy talks conflicting things in Bale and Dessie he doesn’t care , that’s all he did and all he knows . His father Ahmed Ali had three wives at onetime. Also remember Abiy Ahmed got a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA ) his philosophy is to sell sell sell. He just copies what his coach Dr. Bisrat Aklilu of Ethiopian trust fund (EDTF) tells him to say at one place then turns around and says what Jawar coached him at another place then turns around saying what Berhanu Nega coaches him at another ,his rant is endless, he just sells false hope so he and EPRDF escapes justice .

    Master Business Administrator Abiy Ahmed Knows very well how to sell himself to the prospective buyer.Same as a merchant who brings Segatura to sell it at one place calling it Teff to sell it as a Teff then takes the same product at another place where Segatura is in demand calling it Segatura.Abiy just changes his words to get the hand claps chibcheba by selling false hopes.

    Abiy even said he brought back the corpses of the Ethiopians who got beheaded in Libya back to Ethiopia which was a total lie, same as Nigusu Tilahun said the abducted Dembi Dollo Students got rescued , were never abducted , are dead and so on. So it is time for every Ethiopian to dig deep inside themselves and find out the truth , all these two pairing friendship shouldn’t let us get disconnected from our individual God given right. Individualism and self reliance is the key to economic recovery and prosperity according to the study conducted by The Center For Individualism .

    The new generation of Ethiopians should end the herd mentality of living as swingers as Woyane/Shabiya dressing up in Derg soldiers uniforms who raped many women during the civil war while Shabiya and Woyane fought against Derg since we are at a point in history when these swinging and false group mentality got us led directly to the slaughter house by we just blindly following the herd as sheeps cattles going to Qera.

    Even After the fall of Derg , Tegafalay Azeb Mesfin raped her sex slave Abiy Ahmed routinely, it is even suspected Azeb Mesfin had a child by Abiy Ahmed, that’s why she is not accused and prosecuted of wasting public’s money while people such as Abay Tsehaye’s wife were prosecuted sentenced for life. Right now in April 2020 more Ethiopians get sick and die without a medical attention and without an autopsy compared to those Ethiopians that get sick and die after getting medical attentions. Is Individualism? – Center for Individualism

  2. The supporters of the ousted Addis Ababa’s Ex Acting Mayor Menilik Alemayehu made a speech condemning the recent Coup De Tat ,the Acting Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa committed this recent Coup De Tat behind closed doors overthrowing the Acting Mayor, Nurse Menilik Alemayehu from his leadership post at the City of Addis Ababa’s government . Eskinder was arrested so he doesn’t associate with the supporters of the Ex acting Mayor , NURSE Menilik Alemayehu at the demolition site .ተመልከቱ-ቤታቸው-የፈርሰው-የደቡብ-ሰዎች/

  3. Abiy ahmad has a short memory. he is committing the same crimes tplf committed in the last 30 years and is digging his own grave. He declared emergency laws in which it is stated that gathering in groups of more than 4 persons is banned. However , Abiy ahmad himself and his buddies are the first persons to break the rule. the attention seeking Abiy ahmad, employs a group of camera men hired to take pictures of him planting tree saplings or handing over food to some poor people on street corners trying to get cheap political gains. he wears his deceptive mask in public as a man who is helping the poor and concerned about the environment. On the other hand , the same poor people whom the prime minister hands out morsels are being driven out of their homes by olf thugs on the other side of Menelik’s palace where the prime minister lives, their dwellings being demolished and bulldozed in open daylight . a deliberate and systemic act of vandalism, lawlessness and cruelty has been waged on certain groups of people whilst on the other hand other groups of people are being invited to settle in the capital in large numbers in a political rogramme designed to alter the population make of the capital city.
    Abiy ahmad ordered the imprisonment of Eskinder nega on the allegation that Eskinder violated the emergency laws. He was at the scene of an horror story of a group of addis abeba residents whose houses/shacks were demolished by Abiy ahmad’s government. Thes e traumatised, helpless groups of people were crying for help , they were calling for assistance and as anybody with human conscience would respond, Eskinder answered their call and went to visit them. That was the crime he was charged with- why he went to meet with these people.
    if it was for the violation of the emergency law. it is the government that should be charged for violating the law by throwing out large groups of people from their homes and making them gather in the open. There was a woman with a new born baby , elderly people, children women who were inhumanely dumped out of their homes onto the streets. if this cannot be an act of savegery that should be condemned , nothing else will.
    the main point is that Abiy ahmad has an ax to grind against Eskinder nega who is becoming a formidable opponent of injustice and human suffering. having served a long prison term fighting against injustice himself. His mask removed Abiy ahmad is now openly trying to intimidate people like Eskinder nega who stand to oppose the futile attempts of these short sighted political agenda of those who see themselves as the next in line to rule and plunder ethiopia. No doubt , their fate will be the same as those before them. Truth will triumph.


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