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Ethiopia’s Coronavirus cases reaches 122, five new cases confirmed

Ethiopia Coronavirus cases confirmed on April 25 is a little alarming as all the new patients had no recent travel history

Ethiopia Coronavirus case _ April 25
Ethiopia Coronavirus case update April 25, 2020. Infographic : MoH

April 25, 2020

Ethiopia confirmed five more Coronavirus cases. The Ministry of Health disclosed on Saturday that 1019 samples were tested over the past 24 hours. 

The samples are taken from individuals who had contact with infected persons, those who have been in compulsory quarantine, and individuals who have been to prison facilities, according to information from the Ministry of Health. 

To date, the total confirmed Coronavirus case in the country is 122. 

All the newly confirmed cases do not have a travel history, according to the Ministry of Health. So far, most of the confirmed cases in the country were individuals with travel history. Because of that, the latest cases seem to be alarming for the public. 

Four patients had exposure to infected persons. The ministry has not yet established if one patient had contact with an infected person or not. 

One of the patients is said to be 75 years old female and an Ethiopian citizen. The remaining four patients are all Chinese nationals and were living in the town of Sebeta in the outskirts of Addis Ababa. 

The Ministry has shared good news as well. Four patients have fully recovered. It means that a total of 29 patients have fully recovered to date. 

Currently, 88 patients are getting treatment in designated medical centers, and no patient is in the Intensive Care Unit. So far, Ethiopia has tested about 12,688 samples. 

Ethiopia has put in place a mandatory testing policy for individuals who were exposed to COVID 19 patients and for individuals who are arriving in the country from abroad. The government regularly encourages the public to inform and report any possible Coronavirus cases using a toll-free phone line arranged for the purpose. 

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