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Ethiopia COVID 19 update April 24: One more person confirmed,total 117

Ethiopia COVID 19

April 24, 2020 

The update on April 23 was exciting for most Ethiopians as no COVID case was confirmed from more than 900 samples tested on the day. 

Today’s update is a little bit different but not bad at all. The Ministry of Health has confirmed that one person tested positive for the COVID 19 test over the past 24 hours. A total of 933 samples were tested. 

Another good news from the Ministry’s update is that four more people have recovered from the disease. And that makes total recovery number 25. 

The person who tested positive on Friday had a travel history to the United Kingdom and was in quarantine center after arrival in the country. The unnamed patient is identified as a 60 years old female. 

The total number of COVID 19 confirmed cases in the country is 117. Three deaths reported and two patients, Japanese nationals, have returned to their country. 

Currently, there are 87 patients in the designated COVID 19 treatment centers in the country. No patient is in the Intensive Care Unit, as reported by the Ministry of Health, which means that they are expected to recover from it.

Ethiopia has so far tested 11,669 suspected cases. This week, the Ministry of Health disclosed that 12 more testing centers are opened across the country. 

The number of Coronavirus patients in Africa is growing. Well over 27,000 people have confirmed positive for COVID 19 disease and more than 1200 deaths have been registered. 

2.75 million people are infected around the world and over 193,000 patients have died from the disease. 

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  1. I have intensified my prayers and will continue to do so during this holy month Ramadan begging The Almighty Our Creator For His Mercy!!! With His Grace This Shall Pass!!!

    In the meantime I want to say a word or two about the current leader of WHO.
    This countryman is in a gauntlet now. As I have said before, he should never have praised China for its handling of the pandemic from the first day it came to the attention of those commies in Wuhan and Beijing. There was no reason or pressing need for him to do so. I have no factual information about the ideology he uses as a guideline but the praise he heaped on those commies makes him a suspect. Again even he is proven to be a communist he should not lose his job as long as he does not use his position to promote the ideology or gush glowing praise for its pushers. I will wait until the matter is thoroughly and independently investigated. May be The WHO has outlived its functionality in its current form and it is time to replace it with a new body with new principles and by-laws outside the UN umbrella. It looks to have been turned into a politicized organization. Let’s face the fact. For me he was qualified for the job and he was not the only to have had the qualifications. But he had one more ‘entitlement claim’ on his resume: An African and a black man. Otherwise he would not have been given the mantle if he was an African of North African stock or a South African Afrikaner lily white man/woman.

    Again, this countryman had no business praising those number fudging demons in Beijing.


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