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Ethiopia’s confirmed cases of COVID 19 reaches 114

COVID 19 Ethiopia update April 21
Infographic : MoH

April 21, 2020

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that the total number of COVID 19 confirmed cases in the country had reached 114. 

Three more new cases were confirmed after samples from 745 suspects were examined over the past 24 hours. 

Only one of the newly confirmed persons had a travel history to Saudi Arabia and was in quarantine center since arrival in the country. 

The remaining new cases had no travel history. According to data from the Ministry of Health, one patient had contact with an infected person. The other is yet to be determined. 

COVID 19 patients who are said to be in the treatment center have reached 93. Sixteen people have fully recovered from the pandemic. 

Ethiopia has tested a total of 8698 suspected cases of Coronavirus so far, and the disease claimed only three lives. Currently, no patient is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the ministry announced. 

The rate of transmission is increasing in neighboring countries. Djibouti has confirmed 99 cases of COVID 19 over the past 24 hours while Kenya and Somalia confirmed 15 and 73 cases, respectively. 

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  1. As I had mentioned that before someone, somewhere and somehow had dropped the ball on this one. This is not some locally confined virulent pathogen but an easily transmitted deadly virus that has killed more than 175,000 citizens of the world. My gut feeling is at least twice that many may have already died from it with no end in sight. Experts are finding out more and more people who have died from it at home. And there is a cooked up number from the commies in Beijing. This must be thoroughly and independently investigated. There is no guarantee that hundreds of millions more will not be infected by the virus. More and more new things are being discovered about COVID-19 on daily basis. Now social distancing may not be enough since there is new evidence that the virus can spread in dining rooms and work places through the ventilation systems. The global economy that was roaring is now biting the dust everywhere. This is not just something that should be thrown under the rug and forget about it. Someone must have known about this way back in middle of fall. The independent investigating global body should find out who and when found out or heard about it beginning with those demons in Beijing and those in WHO organization and governments around the world. Heads should be rolling on this one. Scientists and concerned medical experts have been forewarning governments for a long time for crying out loud. Henceforth, the world will never be the same. Never!!! Privileges we were taking for granted may be gone forever. The carnage may be just ahead of us especially in those so-called developing nations such as the old country. The low number we see now could be just a rehearsal before the storm. Colder and moist season is just a month away. Boundaries on all 4 corners are so porous there it would be just impossible to keep tally on trespassers. The intolerable heat wave will start suffocating the hotspot Djibouti soon and it is in the tradition there for the citizens spending the searing months in Eastern Hararghe areas along the old railway line and Afar region. With clan affinities I am not sure how you will be able to control this seasonal migration.
    I am preparing myself for carnage by the pandemic over there. That is why I have been seeking refuge in the Mercy of The Good Lord The Almighty Our Creator. We need His Divine Intervention more than ever!!!! Remember that potentially effective vaccination is at least 18 months away. O’ Commies!!! O’ You Demonic Commies!!! You Will Burn in Hell!!!1


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