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AU Peace and Security Council Discuss Impact of COVID-19 on Peace and Security in Africa

African Union _ Security Council

April 18, 2020

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union called on member States to further enhance their cross-border cooperation to deny terrorists and armed groups, criminal networks, and traffickers the opportunity to exploit the current COVID-19 situation to perpetuate their activities.

The council related this in a communiqué issued following its virtual meeting held to discuss the impact of the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak on peace and security in Africa on April 14.

Given the nature of the virus and its negative impact on AU peace and security activities, the council underscored the urgent need to mobilize and deploy all necessary efforts, within the spirit of international solidarity, in order to effectively mitigate, contain the spread and defeat COVID-19.

Further emphasizing the importance of solidarity among Africans, the Council called on member states to draw lessons learned from the recent successful fight against the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in parts of the Continent.

The Council also reiterated the call for all belligerents to fully embrace and uphold the Global Ceasefire in order to facilitate efforts being deployed against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council welcomed the establishment of the African Union COVID-19 Response Fund in order to mobilize the required financial resources for Africa’s fight against the pandemic.

The Council also appealed to the bilateral and international development partners, to consider debt cancellation and relief to those African countries with fragile economies.

The Council paid special tribute to Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed and Mr. Jack Ma, for their personal efforts and commitment in mobilizing material support for the fight against COVID-19 within the Continent.

The Council also commended the Ethiopian Airlines and the World Food Programme (WFP), for delivering donated medical equipment to all Member States.

The Council affirmed its unflinching support to the relentless efforts being deployed by WHO, particularly its Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in providing timely information, technical guidance and material assistance towards efforts to contain the spread and mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

The Peace and Security Council also commended the Africa CDC, member states and all private sector entities, partner countries, international institutions and philanthropist organizations for mobilizing resources and taking swift measures to mitigate the impact of the virus.

Full  communiqué is available here

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  1. The next three weeks are expected to be painful for Ethiopian medical professionals ,for the month of April 2020 Eswatini is rated as the best country to live in the world.The world is starting to recognize the humble excellent leadership of Eswatini.All Africans soon will need to come to terms of what is best for the continent by all of Africa uniting inorder to be led under Eswatini .

    Let African issues be handled the African way , the sooner that happens the sooner Africa overcomes the hardships.

  2. Ethiopia is bound to become the country with more people dieing from covid-19 than anyother (not country ) but than anyother continent in the world, unless a cheap cure is invented very soon .

    The inevitable health , social , political and economical fallout bound to be caused by covid-19 within all countries in Africa is in a better standing than Ethiopia’s because Ethiopia is the only African country who implemented an ethnic federalism amongst all African countries .

    On the economic front Ethiopia is the last country in the world to recover economically , also being the third country from the last country Haiti in overall recovery.

    Ethiopia’s economic recovery capability from Covid-19 is the last in the world due to the Ethiopia’s elites complete disregard to the rule of law for decades until now , according the recently released FM Global insurance ECONOMIC RESILIENCE INDEX DATA. Currently the exporters of Ethiopia who only export and donot import the money back to Ethiopia after exporting are forcing the Ethiopian economy to be on a verge of a collapse that is why Abiy Ahmed should act on behalf of Ethiopians not Africans . Africa is in a much better position than Ethiopia is overall . Africans can sustain covid-19 not Ethiopia . Abiy Ahmed is not aware or he is oblivious to the economic situations on the ground in Ethiopia , he let the TPLFites and Oromo elites get away with crimes after crimes they commit against Ethiopia a country which systematically encouraged the one ethnic monopoly . Abiy Ahmed needs to ask beg the government of Ruwanda to rescue the Ethiopian economy by showing Abiy Ahmed how to address the economy on the ground in Ethiopia by designing African grown feasible economic policies for Ethiopia which Abiy Ahmed could implement to recover Ethiopia economy the AFRICAN way.
    The country Ethiopia isnot even able to count it’s citizens by conducting population count for many many years before covid-19 not counting it’s citizens due to inability , according to Ethiopian policies Eritrea is about to buy GERD unless Ruwanda convinces Abiy not to listen to Eritrea.

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