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Man beaten to death in Worabe while trying to preach social distancing

Police confirm that a man who was trying to preach social distancing in Worabe town, Silte zone, in South Ethiopia is beaten to death.

Social distancing
Worabe town. Photo credit : Muhajer Hualis

April 14, 2020

An Ethiopian man is killed as he attempted to preach social distancing as part of Coronavirus prevention. It happened in the Worabe town of Silte Zone in southern Ethiopia. 

DW Amharic service cited Worabe town police to report that the incident happened in 02 kebele locality. 

The man who tried to advocate for social distancing, whose identity is undisclosed, happened to be in a tailor shop in the town where he saw several people sitting together inside. 

He told them that they should not sit together like that and to maintain a safe distance between them, which is what triggered the exchange of words that escalated to a full-fledged fight, as reported by DW Amharic service, which cited police as a source. 

And he was beaten to death. Worabe town police investigator, Sajin Mustafa Rahmato, confirmed it. He said police are investigating it to lay charges against four suspects whose identity is withheld.  

Another serious attack was related to advocacy for social distancing was reported last week in southern Ethiopia, but the person, who was shown soaked in blood in a picture that circulated on social media, survived the attack. 

As the Ethiopian government is mobilizing the country for prevention against the spread of coronavirus, implementing social distancing measures has become challenging. 

Last week, a state of emergency was declared to give law enforcement bodies more power to enforce COVID 19 preventing measures. It banned a gathering for four or more people. 

Churches and Mosques are closed in the country as worshipers are instructed by religious leaders, presumably with pressure from the government, to practice their faiths from home until the Coronavirus situation is resolved. 

By April 14, 2020, the Ministry of Health confirmed that 82 people are infected with the virus, but 14 of them have already recovered from it. 

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  1. Why did you put the mosque picture ? Does the incident have anything to do with religion?
    Would you post picture of a church for a crime committed in the middle of Gondar?

    Unethical journalism at its best!

    • Mr Esmael,

      Do not politicize your faith. You see a mosque. Others may see a town. Religion is not part of the story in any way.

      The picture is meant to show the town of Worable. If you think it is about the Mosque, it is your choice. Have a nice day.


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