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Ethiopia reports ten people recovered from COVID 19

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April 11, 2020

Ethiopia reported on Saturday that 10 COVID 19 patients have fully recovered and been discharged from the hospital. One of the persons was in the intensive care unit. 

According to the Minister for Health, Lia Tadesse, currently, there are no patients in the ICU. 

Meanwhile, 345 people were tested for the virus in the last twenty-four hours, and four of them tested positive, according to the Minister.  Most of the individuals tested over the past 24, as was the case this past week, were quarantined for two weeks after arriving in the country. 

All the new COVID 19 patients are Ethiopians (two males and two females), and three of them had a travel history. Two of the patients came from Dubai, and one patient had a recent travel history to the United States. 

Update from the Ministry of Health indicated that a work is in progress to establish if the patient with no travel history had contact with an infected person or not. 

The total number of people tested for COVID 19 is 3500, and the total number of patients is now 69.

The Ministry of Health has reported that until April 11, the number of patients who died from Coronavirus is only three. 

Addis Ababa City Administration and Tigray regional state announced on Saturday that they will start house-to-house screening next week.

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