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Ethiopia national prayer brought leaders of various religions together

April 7, 2020

Ethiopia has launched on Monday a month-long prayer across the country as COVID 19 pandemic is threatening the country. The event brought leaders of various religions in the country together to pray for protection in the face of the pandemic disease that is affecting the world.

It is organized by Ethiopian Religious Council, which draws its membership from Ethiopian Church, Islamic faith, Catholics and protestants.

The solemn ceremony which lasted well over an hour was started with requests of forgiveness from religious leaders. And the the president, Sahle-Work Zewde made a brief speech in which she asked Ethiopian religious leaders to exploit their influence in the society to bring about changes essential to Ethiopia’s development.

A closing prayer and remark by Haji Mufti Endris, a very revered figure in the country, got Ethiopians in social media talking. He said that Churches and Mosques are closed for the first time in history , and that tells how God is not happy with us, he said. We rejected God and indulged in Homosexuality, and now we are facing a disease that does not have medicine. “With the will of God, this will pass and medicine will be discovered,” be said but if we continue to rebel, “more devastating disease will be upon us.”

“We need to clean our hearts and avoid sin,” was one of his key messages.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from video

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  1. Let’s join those leaders of both religions in their prayers. Let’s gaze towards the direction of that Blessed nation whose children saved the first followers of both religions and throw ourselves at the feet of The Almighty Our Creator and beg for His grace upon her. Once again they are falling victims with no fault of their own. Our Creator will listen to us. Nothing pleases Him more than seeing us in unison begging for mercy. He Will Not abandon that gem. I can promise you that!!!!

    This Shall Pass!!!! Insha’Allah!!!!!


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