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Egypt will not succeed with military action on Ethiopia

April 6, 2020

General Bacha Debele,who served as one of the top military generals during EPRDF regime, and General Assefa Aferom who served in the army since the time of the Imperial government of Ethiopia and Derg government, sat for interview with Nahoo TV to discuss Coronavirus situation in the country and the stalemate with Egypt.

With regard to Egypt’s intention to entirely control the Nile river at the expense of Ethiopia and other riparian countries, General Bacha spoke about Ethiopia’s military posture without leaking any details. He says Egypt will not succeed if it swings to military action. Watch part 3 and part 4 of the interviews from the videos below. Links to the first two interview is provided after the videos.

Part I
Part II

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  1. Ethiopia the aggressor would like to picture itself as the victim of Egypt. Sarcastic … but true ! Egypt is not threatening Ethiopia to cut the water it is Ethiopia that is doing that. Egypt is not the one who negotiated for (9) years only to gain time to build the dam, it is Ethiopia that did that. Egypt is not the one who is not willing to sign an agreement, it is Ethiopia that is doing that. As we all know the dam turbines have been reduced to (12) instead of (16) due to defective dam design. This will not make the dam produce enough electricity Ethiopia was claiming it was trying to accomplish. Ethiopia also has no interest in using all the Nile water for agriculture needs. So the question is, why is Ethiopia doing that ? … for sure it is not the electricity issue ! The answer flat out is … Ethiopia has hidden agendas ! The untold story is that Ethiopia is trying to bring Egypt down to its knees. Ethiopia believes that Egypt is the old history and it is time for it to go, while the future in Africa is for Ethiopia! so lets finish Egypt now … once and for all !

  2. How much is Egypt contributing to the Nile? 0% and how much is Egypt using from the Nile ? 75%. Ethiopia contributes 85% and is using 0%. Egypt wants to keep the status quo. Now who is the aggressor?


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