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Ethiopia reports the first death from Coronavirus, five new patients confirmed

Ethiopia confirmed five more COVID patients from 59 individuals tested over the past 24 hours. First death from Coronaviurs is reported. In the Diaspora, several Ethiopians have died in the US and Europe.

April 5, 2020

A sixty years old woman has become the first confirmed case of death from Coronavirus in Ethiopia. She was admitted to Eka Kotebe hospital and was in the intensive care unit.

“It is my deepest regret to announce the first death of a patient from #COVID19 in Ethiopia. The patient who was in critical condition after being admitted to Eka Kotebe hospital was in ICU care, and strict medical follow up. My sincere condolences to the family and loved ones,” said Lia Tadesse, who is Ethiopia’s Minister for Health.  

Expressing his condolence to the family and friends of the deceased, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on Ethiopians in a twitter message, not to panic about the disease. Instead, he advised people to adhere to the prevention guidelines. 

The Ministry of Health, on its part, called on People to practice washing hands frequently, social distancing, and avoid gatherings to prevent the disease. The Ministry has announced an information line which could be accessed by calling 8335 or 952  or phone number 0118276796 for those who need more information about the disease or report illness. 

The woman who died on Sunday was in ICU for six days, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health.  

On Saturday, the Ministry reported that an 85 years old man recovered from COVID 19

The Ethiopian government has a mandatory testing policy for people who have directly or indirectly exposed to COVID 19 patients.

The number of COVID 19 patients in the country has reached 43 on Sunday. Ethiopian Public Health Institute disclosed that five more people tested positive for COVID 19 test. According to State media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), two of the patients are Ethiopians, two Eritreans, and 1 Libyan. The institute tested 59 individuals over the past 24 hours. 

One patient is in an Intensive Care Unit. Four patients have reportedly recovered from it. 

The Federal government and regional states have introduced several measures to prevent the spread of the disease.  

The Ethiopian religious council said on Sunday that a nationwide prayer would be in effect for the coming one month as the country is facing a threat from the COVID 19 pandemic. The council is composed of Ethiopian Church, Ethiopian Muslims, Protestants, and Catholics.

Meanwhile, South Sudan reported the first COVID 19 patient and has become the latest country to report confirmed cases.  The patient is said to be a 29 years old woman who arrived from Ethiopia. 

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  1. By looking at the history of this virus since it started infecting people, we can easily see the stages it went through. First come the infections then followed by deaths. That country is heading into the colder and rainy season in a month. I have no confidence in the country’s capability to conduct the test for the virus in citizens who are infected but with no symptoms. These are the best super spreaders for the virus and they don’t even realize it. The is a reason why WHO’s mantra has become ‘test, test, test’. The current testing device is very short supply globally and even it is available in abundance I don’t think that nation has the financial resources to buy all it needs. It is time for us to lend hands to those proud and glorious people. Let’s show our generosity to a very generous people. This shall pass!!

  2. Breaking News: “Nadiya the wild animal/Tiger, in New York City , USA’s zoo tested posetive to Covid-19 which suggests that neither our pet animals nor our farm animals are considered safe to get closely in physical contact with humans.”

    All human beings who got coronavirus symptoms are urged to stay away from animals inorder to minimize the spread of the virus to animals from humans . Also Abeshas and other humans are urged to exercise caution while eating raw Kitfo or Qurt tire Siga since there is a chance that the meat might come from an infected animal, Abesha single men are advised to learn how to fully cook meat in a sanitary manner ASAP, if they decide to continue consuming meat.

    PM Abiy ” Every family in Ethiopia is begged to give one free meal per day to the homeless Ethiopians so the homeless Ethiopians donot die of hunger while waiting for food from the government’s war on poverty initiative actors who are overwhelmed with the demands for meals ” , the decade plus long Ethiopia’s war on poverty initiative actors are currently doubting their ability to feed the needy homeless , especially in city settings since urban areas population malnutrition cases had been neglected by the medical profession for too long in Ethiopia .

    Right now the neglected agriculture development sector with the leaders concerning themelves with industrial parks rather than developing national food self sufficient security initiatives made the malnutrition epidemic cases go on unnoticed exacerbating the need for nutritious meals in Ethiopia a number one priority to defeat the pandemuc .

    The current food price had reached an all-time high due to the virus with roads in and out of many cities routinely getting blocked closed illegally by vigilantes .

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    • The Covid-19 virus spreads by having close contact or conversation with people ( six feet distance ) .To be exactly clear about how it spreads the CoronaVirus spreads by simple actions such as touching the plate utensil or saying hello while handing out a simple meal making this Maed Magarat not a bright idea at all , someone should sue Abiy for suggesting such a dangerous idea which has a potential of creating mass death in millions .

      This feeding one person per day “Maed Magarat” is an idea that should not even be considered in the CoronaVirus time , this “MaedMagarat” should have been done in the previous years or in the previous decades during the looting and famine times ,not now .

      Now in CoronaVirus time what should be done is the families who got the ability to do so should open up their homes to the person to provide with proper hygiene , proper bed/rest area and also proper three meals food per day by allowing the person to live with them until the CoronaVirus is defeated , otherwise giving only one food/one meal per day then letting the person go to wherever in search of dinner is the worst idea since it speeds up the spread of the CoronaVirus by creating more and more contacts , this daily one minute contact with a person only to make the person comeback the next day for another contact then the next day for another contact to be followed with more contacts for months or even years from now is a recipie for the virus to spread since that person might be in close contact with many people while he/she was searching for more food out there before she comes back to the family , then he/she comes back the next day and infects the family who is providing the meal to the person. Some might eat ten families per day while some donot find one family to feed them.

      Instead the government can turn stadiums , green area parks , empty wharehouses into where the needy can get rest/bed , hygiene and food . The families donors can assist by purchasing food in bulk , soaps and donating to these items to these type of places in bulk limiting the personal contact to the minimum rather than giving one meal for a quick minute at each family residence each day to a person who me St probably spends the night digging Quoshe.

      *Plus who except the EPRDFites looters families got the economic ability to guarantee to the future to provide all these everyday as long as it takes to defeat CoronaVirus ?
      in these tough economic times expected to get more and more tougher with so much economic uncertainty developing each day due to the CoronaVirus , the FANO ZERMA NEPHTEGNA & ALIKE Affiliated persons will for sure bring violence BURGLARY to your home the day you missed giving HER usual meal for any reason.

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  3. The failed state of Ethiopia, the East African nation ranks the world’s worst in coronavirus testing, only 16 Ethiopian people in every million Ethiopian people are tested , making Ethiopia a country with the worst testing rate in the world .

    If Tigrayans testing in Tigrai State wasnot calculated among Ethiopians testing calculation , the number of the Ethiopians tested goes down to four Ethiopians tested for every one million Ethiopians that is excluding Tigrayans testing rate in the Ethiopian’s testing rate calculation.

    -Bangladesh is the second worst

    -Nigeria is the third worst

    – Indonesia with 264 million people population ranked the 4th worst, by testing only 36 people in every million people.


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