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Sebhat Nega trashes “Tigray secessionists” as “banda”

April 4, 2020

In an interview with Awramba Times in late February, former top TPLF man Sebhat Nega says that those who are advocating for Tigray secession are “banda” ( a meaning close to “collaborators” or even mercenary)

He seems to be a military challenge for the idea and argues that the struggle should focus on giving life to the “constitution” which legalizes the secession.

Watch his interview below ( in Amharic)

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  1. One thing about Sebhat Nega is that you should not trust him.

    He is trying to convince us that what Ethiopia needs is collective leadership. GrGr laleba yamechal. Before Sebhat/Tplf run to Mekelle they were holding every key position in the country. Debretsion was in charge of Electric power, GERD, Economy, and Tele. Bereket was banking, Research, politics. The military was literally run by Tplf. I can go on. You may also verify on your own. That us the collective leadership Sebhat is talking about. That gives him and his family and Tplf members to rob the nation like they did for 27 years.


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